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07.08.2020 - Alex Goff

Bruce McLane brings in Mike Tolkin to chat with Phil Terrigno, Assistant Coach at Army West Point, to talk about an oft-overlooked area of the field—right in the middle.

How do you win the territory war between the ten-meter lines either side of halfway? Terrigno and Tolkin look at options, ideas, and tactics.

07.02.2020 - Alex Goff

Lanny Bassham got a Silver Medal in the 1972 Olympics in competitive shooting (small bore rifle) but he knew that if he'd been more mentally disciplined and more mentally prepared, he could have won.

06.11.2020 - Alex Goff

Remember, basketball came out of rugby, so there's a connection. Hugely successful Iona College basketball Head Coach Tim Cluess, who took his team to six NCAA tournaments in nine years, and won the MAAC conference six times, talks to Bruce McLane in a rare in intriguing interview.

05.27.2020 - Alex Goff

Got questions or comments on the state of USA Rugby?

Are you concerned about what the return-to-play protocols and what they mean?

Is there something you're really excited about? 

05.26.2020 - Alex Goff

Can you quantify or use data to identify what makes a team great? Does that analysis cross over from one sport to another?