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College Women

irish rugby tours

02.29.2024 - Alex Goff

Notre Dame College has announced that it will shut its doors at the end of the spring semester this year.

02.21.2024 - Alex Goff

BYU beat Grand Canyon last week and the week before Lindenwood beat BYU in this year's first forays in D1 Elite.

02.14.2024 - Alex Goff

NIRA has selected its all-NIRA teams in each division.

The National Intercollegiate Rugby Association is the competition for NCAA-varsity women's college teams.

01.31.2024 - Alex Goff

Two years running, now, the University of Michigan has won the NCR Women’s D1 championship, both times beating a school-supported team in Notre Dame College in the final.

01.26.2024 - Alex Goff

Tom Speicher was working on his second children’s book when tragedy struck.

The author of a book about Waffles the Guinea Pig (modeled after his own pet) about the days of the week and organization, Speicher was working on a follow-up related to baseball when his partner in life, Maria, learned the terrible news that her daughter, Alexis, had died.