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About Us

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About Us

Welcome to GoffRugbyReport.

GRR is run by Alex Goff, who has been at the forefront of reporting on the American rugby scene for almost 20 years. This new venture will concentrate on the younger side of rugby in the USA, where we're enjoying significant growth.

We're reporting on High School Rugby, College Rugby, and the select sides that represent those areas. We will still talk about the Eagles, with a look in-depth at the players and where they got their start, and also how those national teams are performing. We will also be covering Youth Rugby much more in-depth, with news about tournaments as well as coaching and advice pieces.

In short, we want to talk about you, the vast majority of American rugby players. You are students, parents, coaches, and volunteers, and this is your forum.

Alex Goff has been at the forefront of internet reporting on rugby in the USA for more than 20 years. He first published articles on the sport in 1994, previewing the Rugby World Cup for Hemisphere's Magazine and also writing about the youth game for Rugby Magazine. 

He has been the editor of a major news outlet on the game (several different names) since 2001, and was the first journalist to create rankings for college rugby programs, and then did the same for high schools. Alex has also been a player, coach, referee, and rugby administrator.

Born in England of American parents, Alex Goff first started watching and playing rugby as a three-year-old on the sidelines as his older brothers played. He eventually played for his school in England, Haberdashers' Aske's School, Elstree, and represented the school through the U16 level (whereupon his family moved back to the USA). Goff played rugby for the University of Rochester, and also helped found the Budd Bay Rugby Club in Olympia, Wash., scoring the club's first try in 1998 (that was the only try Goff ever scored for Budd Bay).

GoffRugbyReport is owned by Goff Communications, LLC. Our primary task is to bring you excellent coverage of high school, college, youth, and national team rugby in the USA.

Alex Goff continued to be a contributor to Rugby Magazine through 2006 and he was also a contributor for Rugby World magazine and a columnist for Planet Rugby. He has also been published in Rugby Magazine Japan, La Midi Olympique,, ESPN, and various newspapers around the world. In 2001 Alex Goff started GoffonRugby. That website ran into 2007 when it was incorporated into United World Sports and merged with Rugby Magazine to form 

Goff and United World Sports parted ways in 2014 and Goff formed Goff Rugby Report. In 2017 Goff entered into an agreement with FloSports in which Goff would produce some exclusive content for and share some GRR content with FloRugby. That agreement lasted until September of 2019. Since then Alex Goff has been entirely independent.

Additional Projects And Outlets

Goff Rugby Report is also the place to find the RuggaMatrix America podcast. Hosted usually by Bruce McLane but sometimes by Alex Goff, the show covers a variety of rugby topics, and also spills out into broader topics such as athletic preparation, leadership, and health. RuggaMatrix America Podcast Links>>

In addition, GRR posts original content on social media:


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No Pay Wall

Goff Rugby Report was created to be accessed by all rugby fans without a paywall. That means that advertising revenue is a critical part of supporting the site. In addition, Alex Goff announced in late 2020 a new Reader-Supporter plan, in which fans can either join Patreon and support the site through a Patreon supporter plan, or give an anonymous donation. These forms of voluntary reader support are hugely important and Goff Rugby Report thanks its Petreon and anonymous supporters wholeheartedly.

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