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University of Kentucky Rugby Names New Head Coach

The University of Kentucky has named Sam Enari as its new Head Coach.

Outgoing Head Coach Gary Anderson remains involved with the program but has had to take a step back because of day-job and personal commitments. 

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2022 Girls HS Rankings

After several requests and a lot of soul-searching, we give you an end-of-season Girls HS ranking.

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NCR Names Scholastic All Americans for 2021-22

National Collegiate Rugby (NCR) named 472 student athletes as 2021-22 Scholastic All Americans this week.

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Women Club 7s Rosters

Below are the rosters for the Women's Club 7s Championships.

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Registration Open for National School 7s

The National Schools 7s is open for registration.

The tournament, to be held at the Regional Athletic Complex in Salt Lake City (where they hold the NAI 7s), is set for October 7-8.

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