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08.04.2020 - GRR Staff

National Collegiate Rugby has announced the appointment of Vice President Steve Hiatt as its Interim Director of Men's Rugby.

NCR CEO Steve Cohen who has been the long term NSCRO/NCR Men's Director will be stepping down from his role as Men’s Director to focus more of his time on strategic programming for the organization.

08.04.2020 - Alex Goff

The Allegheny Rugby Union has announced that it is suspending all collegiate rugby this fall.

This includes an established women's D2 conference, and a newly-formed men's D2 conference, which was set to include Wheeling University, Alderson Broaddus, WVU, IUP, and Kent State.

The region will reevluate in the New Year and will likely play some 7s and 15s in the spring.

08.03.2020 - Alex Goff

The Chesapeake Collegiate Conference will not play a fall 15s schedule and there's some serious doubt as to whether the conference will play any rugby at all this coming academic year.

08.03.2020 - GRR Staff

(SCRC Press Release)—The Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference (SCRC) announced today that it has moved the 15s conference competition to the spring semester as a result of travel restrictions and other unsurmountable obstacles related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This move affects both Division 1 and Division 2 teams of the SCRC.

08.03.2020 - Alex Goff

The Tri-State Rugby Conference has announced that it will not have a rugby competition this fall.

Several universities in the conference have suspended inter-collegiate competition and many club sports have followed suit.

So the Tri-State Conference, men and women, will not support a competition and announced that all games are suspended. Teams will also not be charged dues.