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GRR: Club 7s

08.15.2022 - Alex Goff

Scion made it two years in a row, and NAV 7s made it to the top for the first time as the USA Rugby Club 7s Championships wrapped up in St. Louis over the weekend.

Scion won the women's event for the second straight year, riding a very polished approach backed up by physical strength in the tackle and smart support work.

08.12.2022 - Alex Goff

Below are the rosters for the Women's Club 7s Championships.

The teams involved include defending champs Scion, the 2019 (and 2018) champions San Diego Surfers, and runners-up from the last two years, Life West and Berkeley All Blues.

Three of the last four tournament MVPs—Jade McGrath, Teigan MacDonald, and Megan Sanders—are back too.

08.11.2022 - Alex Goff

Expected Rosters for the USA Club 7s (Rosters over 13 will be pared down by this weekend):

US College affiliations also listed—note we might hve missed one or two colleges. If we don't list a player's college it doesn't necessarily mean they didn't attend college or play rugby in college—they might hve attended overseas or attended college while playing men's club or pro rugby.

08.10.2022 - Alex Goff

St. Louis, Mo. will be the host city for the USA Rugby Club 7s National Championships this weekend.

08.15.2021 - Alex Goff

For the first time since 2007 the Chicago Lions are national Club 7s Champions.