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Men's Club 7s Championships Rosters and Preview Notes

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Men's Club 7s Championships Rosters and Preview Notes

Dmontae Noble returns but in a new jersey. Brian Jackson photo.

Expected Rosters for the USA Club 7s (Rosters over 13 will be pared down by this weekend):

US College affiliations also listed—note we might hve missed one or two colleges. If we don't list a player's college it doesn't necessarily mean they didn't attend college or play rugby in college—they might hve attended overseas or attended college while playing men's club or pro rugby.


Definitely a combination of experience and newer players. Like Chicago, Denver has a bit of a summer 7s residency program going. Mickey Bateman is kind of central to this team's efforts.

Alex Wormer (frmr Cal Poly)
Eric Sykes (frmr NMHU)
Jack Miller (frmr Colorado)
Mickey Bateman (frmr Lindenwood)
Noah Pflaum
Campbell Johnstone (frmr Mt. St. Mary's)
Malik Bryant (FIU)
Devarius Miller (frmr NMHU)
Luca Tani
Liam Wynne (frmr Colorado State)
Nic Johnson
Gus Sokol (Iowa Central CC)
Conor O'Brien
Thomas Lamuraglia (frmr East Carolina)
Brett DeBoy (frmr South Carolina)
Dante Brown
Garrett Jameson


A couple of very well-regarded current collegiate players, with Tomas Casares being at the forefront. He remains eager to show his ability to compete against older players and he should do fine.

Austin Baker
Andrew Binegar
Tomas Casares (Thomas More)
Rashad Finley
Facundo Giorgiutti
Christopher Klein
Maxwell Kosman (Kutztown)
Samuel McAninch
Trent Rogers (Kutztown)
Tom Shultrump
Alex Under-Baumann
Wendell Whitehead
Joseph Kluener (frmr Ohio State)


Some really strong, athletic players in this group with Aaron "Spike" Davis back playing well after his short stint as an Eagle 15s player. The other Aaron, Gray, who has been in the USA 7s mix, provides an interesting one-two punch of Aarons. Plenty of pace. 

Blake Blaylock
Jake Campey
Aaron Davis
Aaron Gray (frmr Kutztown)
Hayden Hill (frmr GCU)
Obum Imonugo (frmr Georgia)
Narada Jackson (frmr TCU)
Deionte MacMurray (frmr SHSU)
Aren Martin
Ari Mteto (frmr Lindenwood)
Ben Olie
Christian Schulze (frmr Arkansas State)
Ludwig van der Merwe
Manny Soto (frmr Oklahoma)

Atlanta Old White

This team has evolved into a Life U. gathering, but not exclusively. A lot of power in here but also some significant skill (Rees, Davidson, Baistrocchi). Unity is key here (well, it's key everywhere really).

Bryan Williams
David Rimes (frmr Life U.)
David Rogers (frmr Texas State)
Dominic Oliveira (frmr Life U.)
Frederick Henry-Ajudua
Giovani Douyon
Harley Davidson (frmr Life U.)
Justin Owens (frmr AIC)
Lucas Baistrocchi (frmr Florida)
Martini Talapusi (frmr Life West)
Maciu Koroi (frmr Life U.)
Michael Moyes
Ryan Rees (frmr Life U.)
Zach Miller (frmr Life U.)
Daemon Torres (frmr Life U.)

Belmont Shore

Some serious experience linked up with a couple of younger players who know what they're about. Rodriguez was the top college 7s player a few years ago and should provide a spark. A couple of the players from the Rhinos U23s team that won NAI 7s are in there also.

Ryan Hudson (frmr Arizona)
Cameron Gerlach (frmr UCSB)
Kalanie Aholelei
Andrew Jackson
Isaiah Lutali (frmr CSULB)
Joeli Tikoisuva
Jeremiah Munoz
Gerald Lowe (frmr Kutztown)
Peter Sio (CSULB)
Cristian Rodriguez (frmr Lindenwood)
ConRoy Smith 
Jeremy Lutali
Ben Weischedel


As you can see, and you'll see from the other Mid-Atlantic team, a LOT of former college players. There's a bit of a Perry Street Prep reunion with Khabir and Adams, rapier and battleaxe. 

Jordan Bakouche (frmr Salisbury)
Tyler Barberi (frmr Towson)
Luc Desroches (frmr UM-Duluth)
Jack Goss
Sean Hartig (frmr Mt. St. Mary's)
Joe Hughes
Joanel Joseph (frmr Penn State)
Jihan Khabir (frmr AIC)
James Lyons (frmr Villanova)
Jacob Powers (frmr South Carolina)
Jake Soriano (frmr SIU)
Nate Tadesse (frmr Virginia Tech)
Quinn Western 
Christian Adams (frmr AIC)
Ben Carroll (frmr JMU)

Chicago Lions

The Lions, more than anyone, do a good job of folding current college players into their summer system. Will Chevalier did that last year and was the tournament MVP. Noah Brown has the potential to be a USA player if he wants to put in the work. Also of note, Tom Kacor is abig body with skills. Matthew Grogan spent some time with the Academy for the Section Paloise (Pau) club in France. Michael Ziegler has been in the USA system. Lots of talented guys here.

CJ Artuso (frmr St. Bonaventure)
Noah Brown (Indiana)
Kai Carlberg (frmr Kentucky)
Will Chevalier (Indiana
Alex Dorrier (frmr Indiana)
Willis Goodwin (frmr John Carroll)
Matthew Grogan (frmr Old Belvedere) - Section Paloise Academy
Thomas Kacor (frmr Western Michigan)
Matthew Lancor (frmr Illinois)
Lachy MacDonald
Peyton Wall (Indiana)
Michael Ziegler (frmr Bowling Green)
Jonathan Toriumi (frmr Illinois)


We're hoping to see Sam Williams get some time (remember, not everyone listed will necessarily be on the final roster). Ahmad Hirajly played for the USA in 7s and is now more of a experienced linchpin for them. Mikel Facey played for Jamaica. 

Gavin Spisak (frmr Michigan State)
Joe Bargerstock
Joshua Gatewood (Adrian)
Mark Phillips
Ehron Enedey
Mikel Facey 
Tajay Myles (Adrian)
Aaron Hodgkinson
Hunter Cahoon
Todd Else (frmr Michigan State)
Donald Pinneo (frmr Oakland University)
Ryan Ruspaj (frmr Central Michigan)
Ahmad Harajly (frmr UW-Stout)
Imad Harajly
Sam Williams (Adrian)
Michael Washington (frmr Davenport)
Trevor Broyles (frmr Oakland University)
Ryan Koenig (frmr Michigan State)
Tommy Hendricks (Michigan)
Patrick Khalaf (Central Michigan)

Life West

Life West has buttered its bread on talent that didn't necessarily go the traditional college rout. That's cool, but this year's version has also several Saint Mary's products that change the profile a bit. Denenberg and Storti are young but very dangerous attackers. Stanfill (former Eagle) has a habit of being the leader in a team that wins Club 7s, or comes very close.

Aiden Howe (Saint Mary's)
Daelen Denenberg (Santa Clara)
Eminoni Mafi
Erich Storti (Saint Mary's)
Garrett Jones
Jared Tavares (frmr GCU)
Karl Keane (Saint Mary's)
Killian Keane (frmr Saint Mary's)
King Davern Stevenson
Maulisio McCarthy
Ronan Murphy (frmr Saint Mary's)
Rupeni Caucau - Fijian
Sam Biutu
Seti Latu (Adrian)
Skyler Mitchell (frmr Lindenwood)
Tim Stanfill (frmr CWU)
Tui Stark 

Mystic River

Exclusively made up of players who went to college or high school in New England (with one notable exception). The only team where every player played American college rugby.  

Cam Davidowicz (frmr Plymouth State)
Bryan Michel (frmr Stony Brook)
Brian Patterson (frmr West Point)
Rashawn Fraser (frmr Norwich)
Shane Dempsey (frmr Arizona)
Rhys Lawther (frmr U. at Albany)
Devin Rivet (Arizona State)
Khalil Lynch (Nazareth)
Jackson Evarts (Holy Cross)
Connor Robinson (frmr Boston College)
Ulysses Brenzel (Dartmouth)
Holden Yungert (frmr Saint Mary's)
Joe Hamm (frmr Syracuse)
Shea Wagner (frmr Maine)
Adam Martignetti (frmr AIC)

NAV Sevens

A summer residency-type setup at NAV sees some talented players from around the country, including current collegiates, in this squad. The Law brothers, who led Life to a R7CC championship, are obvious, but watch out for NDC's Jeff Mutuku. Corey Jones provides important leadership.  

Peter Moala (frmr SVU)
Jeremy Misailegalu (frmr NMHU)
Simione Moala (frmr SVU)
Corey Jones (frmr Arkansas)
Ethan Suznevich
Gabriel Michnya (frmr Life U.)
Irving Carcamo
Nolan Tuamoheloa (frmr Weber State)
Blake Jackson
Donovan Law (Life U.)
Darius Law (Life U.)
Jacques Odendaal - Life 7s Coach
Seimou Smith (frmr So. Conn. State)
Wium Becker (Life U.)
Jeff Mutuku (Notre Dame College)
Patrick O'Reilly (frmr Kutztown)
Logan Hill (GCU)

Oceanside Chiefs

Unpredictable and elusive, this is a team no one wants to play.

Sierra Arteaga (frmr CSULB) Fallbrook HS coach
Dominick Lacovino (frmr GCU)
Jack Munsinger
Mila Setafene
Thomas Duffy
Jeremy Santiago (Mira Costa)
William Grace
Tai Enosa
Tucker Trickey (frmr Saint Mary's)
Angelo Lozada
Robert Mikaele
Julian Arteaga (CWU)
Timoci Kawa - Marine Sgt.
Michael Moore
James Stuck (frmr CWU)
John Seale
Jack Jones
Ezekial Stewart 

Old Blue NY

Veterans dot this roster with Wallace Sims, Granby, and the ageless Luke Hume on board for another run.

Sondai Adjei (frmr Davenport)
Monate Akuei
Kevin Brathwaite 
Koto Fujimura (frmr NEC)
Kyle Granby (frmr Iona)
Luke Hume
Michael Matarazzo (frmr Notre Dame)
Eric Naposki (frmr UCLA)
DaQuan Perry (frmr Kutztown)
Akinola Raymond (frmr Maryland)
Chris Vakasisikakala (frmr Wheeling U.)
Joseph Villalobos
Connor Wallace Sims
Tyrese Prescod
Ulises Kevelier


The finalists last year, this team has a few players who can break open a game (not just Noble).

Sitiveni Tamaivena (frmr New Mexico)
Patrick Nglam
Mosese Vea
Lauina Futi
Penisoni Leua
Dion Crowder (frmr Purdue)
Jeremiah Sio
Shane Moore
Andrew Miller (Belmont Abbey)
Alex Glover (frmr Saint Mary's, SBCC)
Brandon Mooney
Dmontae Noble (frmr Kutztown)
Sami Maafu
Jone Naisoro

Schuylkill River

Another Mid-Atlantic team with a ton of players who went through the collegiate system. We've got playmakers (Niumataiwalu), speedsters (Capriotti, Giannascoli), and tireless workers (Dolan, Hegarty). it's a good combination.

Sean Barnes (frmr South Carolina)
Jesse Capriotti (Penn State)
Niall Carlson (frmr Northeastern) 
John Davis (frmr Maryland)
Bruce Dolan (frmr Kutztown)
Danny Giannascoli (frmr Loyola, Md.)
Kyle Hegarty (frmr Cal Poly)
Ben Janssen (frmr Penn State)
Brian Keown (frmr South Carolina)
John McCurdy (frmr Delaware)
Pete Mulville (frmr Temple)
Noah Niumataiwalu (frmr St. Joseph's)
John "Mitch" Vannoy (frmr Delaware)

Washington Athletic Club

The WAC team is full of players who went somewhere for college and came back to the Pacific Northwest for the region's matchless summers. The attack will go through the hands of Ferris, Dean, and the Wright Brothers and you could do a lot work. Thundering power in the forwards.

Eric Duechle (frmr Air Force Academy)
Devereaux Ferris (Life West)
Lui Sitama (frmr AIC)
Robert Cole Zarcone (frmr CWU)
Tommy Clark (frmr AIC)
Michael Hand (Baylor)
Matthew Brennan (frmr Arizona State)
Noah Wright (frmr CWU)
Ronald Dwyer
Ian Wright (frmr CWU)
Scott Dean (frmr CWU)
Ryuhei Oida
Jonathan Reid