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USA Club 7s Championships Set for This Weekend

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USA Club 7s Championships Set for This Weekend

Westside Ronins made the final in 2021. Brian Jackson photo.

St. Louis, Mo. will be the host city for the USA Rugby Club 7s National Championships this weekend.

The tournament, which has followed largely an invitational format (heavily influences by on-field results, of course), includes 16 teams for men and 16 teams for women. It will be held August 13-14 at Emerson Central Fields in St. Louis, admission is free, and it will be streamed live on The Rugby Network.

The defending Signes Cup champions from 2021 will return as the Chicago Lions (men's defending champions) and Scion (women) head up the list.

Topping the women's bracket at Life West, Washington Athletic Club, and San Diego Surfers. The Surfers have won this event before, and the WAC, when they played as Seattle Atavus, did also. Life West made the final in 2021 before being beaten rather convincingly 40-0 by Scion.

In the men's bracket the Lions are joined by WAC, Denver, and a long list of contenders. WAC won it all in 2019; Denver has made eight finals but never hoisted the cup. Former champions Belmont Shore, Old Blue, and former finalists Westside Ronin (2021) and Schuylkill River (2011) are also there.

Interestingly, several of the teams in this event will also turn around and compete in the End of Summer Bash at the LA Sevens. Denver, Belmont Shore, Berkeley All Blues, and Scion are all set to double-up, while a number of players in other teams are expected to suit up for compilation sides in LA. 

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This is an interesting tournament as often it's a collegiate player who steps to the fore to help teams take the title. That was certainly in evidence in 2021 when Will Chevalier, still a student-athlete at Indiana, was MVP of the tournament. 

This tournament is not without its controversy—the at-large nature of of the tournament certainly leads to some disagreements, and it's interesting see, for example, the Austin Hunts not included. (This might be because the Huns, in the 7s series in Texas, fielded three teams, with two coming 1st and 2nd in one tournament, and a third group winning two tournaments—had they played as one unit they might have logged more points.) three regions—Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Pacific Coast—get three seeds in the men's event. Interestingly, Cincinnati and St. Louis were both 2nd in their respective standings in the Midwest (East for Cincy, West for STL), and yet it is Cincinnati, not St. Louis, that attends the tournament in St. Louis.

In the women's bracket, there are four teams from the Mid-Atlantic, with three seeds from the West, Pacific Coast, and the Midwest.

2022 USA Club 7s Men's Pools
Chicago Lions  WAC Denver Cincinnati
Dallas Old Blue NAV Life West 
Beltway Schuykill River Westside Ronin Belmont Shore
Atlanta Old White Oceanside Detroit Mystic River
2022 USA Club 7s Women's Pools
Scion Life West WAC San Diego Surfers
Chicago Lions Chicago North Shore Rocky Mountain Berkeley All Blues
Boston sHARCs Atlanta Harlequins Phoenix 
Albuquerque NOVA Tempe DC Furies

(Note: Phoenix is not from Arizona, but from Florida)

Historical Champions Men's Champions   Women's Champions
1985 Old Mission Beach Athletic    
1986 Quad City Irish    
1987 Duck Brothers    
1988 Old Puget Sound Beach    
1989 Maryland Old Boys    
1990 Old Puget Sound Beach    
1991 Old Puget Sound Beach    
1992 Old Puget Sound Beach    
1993 Old Blue of New York    
1994 Old Blues (CA)    
1995 Old Mission Beach Athletic    
1996 Northern Virginia    
1997 San Mateo    
1998 San Mateo    
1999 Philadelphia Whitemarsh    
2000 Old Mission Beach Athletic    
2001 Old Mission Beach Athletic    
2002 Old Mission Beach Athletic    
2003 Riverside    
2004 Riverside    
2005 Old Blue of New York    
2006 Old Mission Beach Athletic    
2007 Chicago Lions    
2008 Gentlemen of Aspen    
2009 Belmont Shore    
2010 Seattle-OPSB    
2011 Belmont Shore 2011 Berkeley All Blues
2012 Belmont Shore 2012 San Diego Surfers
2013 Seattle-OPSB 2013 Berkeley All Blues
2014 Seattle-OPSB 2014 San Diego Surfers
2015 Seattle Saracens 2015 American Pro Training Center
2016 Rugby Utah Selects 2016 Scion Sirens
2017 Rugby Utah Selects 2017 Seattle Atavus
2018 Bulldog 2018 San Diego Surfers
2019 Washington Athletic 2019 San Diego Surfers
2020 COVID-No Tournament
2021 Chicago Lions 2021 Scion