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05.22.2020 - GRR Staff

The Tri-State Collegiate Rugby Conference Women's Division II teams have aligned with the American Collegiate Rugby Association (ACRA) for the 2020-21 Season.

05.19.2020 - GRR Staff

Santa Barbara, CA—The College Rugby Association of America (CRAA) has announced that it is committed to partnering with USA Rugby (USAR) to help rebuild the National Governing Body (NGB) as it emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  

05.18.2020 - Alex Goff

When you’re looking at a new plan or new idea, what’s the first question that comes to mind? — “How much is this going to cost me?”

College rugby is changing significantly when it comes to who oversees what competitions, and with USA Rugby’s financial reorganization it’s reasonable to wonder if the old way of doing things, including how you pay to play rugby, will change too.

05.18.2020 - Alex Goff

National Collegiate Rugby has announced its 2020-21 membership fees and planned insurance offering.

05.17.2020 - Alex Goff

Goff Rugby Report Editor Alex Goff was on Facebook Live for an hour Sunday to discuss issues related to USA Rugby's troubles.

Goff answered questions from readers and also made some points of his own.

You can see the entire video below (if you don't see the embedded video, please refresh the page).

But some highlights: