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Goff Rankings

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02.06.2024 - Alex Goff

It was an odd week what with the Torrey Pines vs Carlsbad game being abandoned.

01.30.2024 - Alex Goff

It is very, very early days in the HS club scene so there is a chance for much change in the coming weeks.

Florida's league becomes the actual league, not preseason, this coming weekend. NorCal gets going a bit more, and a big game for Woodlands as well.

Jacksonville might be the dark horse in Florida and they play the very tough Okapi Wanderers this week. 

01.30.2024 - Alex Goff

The big mover this week is Central Washington, which produced two victories against strong Canadian opposition since our last rankings.

It's certainly possible that CWU could be ranked even higher and since Central has Arizona, Saint Mary's, and BYU on their schedule, they will have plenty of opportunity to show it.

01.30.2024 - Alex Goff

With our first major inter-regional game we get some more major movement.

With Cathedral Catholic (SoCal) beating #2 Jesuit Sacramento (NorCal), and Cathedral lost a close one to Torrey Pines, so we move both Cathedral and Torrey Pines up.

But remember, there will be some more SoCal-vs-NorCal games to help us out.

01.29.2024 - Alex Goff

Well, we're back. 

We return to the D1AA rankings and we've kept the teams that were done in the fall in the list. We might split off the Spring-only teams but that would not be a ranking of 40.