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04.04.2022 - Alex Goff

This article is a combined rankings and divisional update piece.

As skipped last week's rankings because there were only a small number of results and while those results would have prompted one major change, we decided to wait until this week, because once again several teams were idle, so combined we have a decent number of games.

03.30.2022 - Alex Goff

This was a tough ranking to do.

Mainly it was tough because a few Top 10 teams lost, but it wasn't like some other teams in the 12-20 range won major victories to put their hand up.

03.29.2022 - Alex Goff

Many major changes in this week's HS Club rankings with #14 beating #4, #19 beating #12, and #38 beating #20.

03.25.2022 - Alex Goff

Eight D1A games are on the slate this week and every one has something to look at.

See the rankings at left.

03.24.2022 - Alex Goff

We didn't run a rankings last week so here we are with two weeks' worth of data.

We are about to enter the national spring playoffs, and we'll see which of the eight DIAA teams in those playoffs might power through and challenge for #1.