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Goff Rankings

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01.10.2024 - Alex Goff

The first week of our 2024 HS Club rankings is the same as the final ranking of 2023, and that's because there are way, way too many questions to be answered before we shift teams around.

01.09.2024 - Alex Goff

This is the first week of our Boys HS School-team rankings and, of course, we expect a lot of changes.

12.19.2023 - Alex Goff

Well they held onto #1.

Kentucky jumped to #1 in Week 8 and held tightly onto it after that. In fact, they weren't really challenged all that much.

And really there wasn't that much change in the top-ranked teams in D1AA this fall. Here's a look at the journey of the top four.

12.14.2023 - Alex Goff

Well we now wrap up the fall with D1A teams.

12.13.2023 - Alex Goff

With the national championship all wrapped up here is the last rankings of the fall of 2023.