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GRR: College Women

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04.28.2016 - Amber DeFabio

After their performance at the West Chester 7s, both Bloomsburg and Kutztown entered the MARC 7s with a thirst to prove that their loses against the DI varsity teams were just small hiccups in their 7s seasons. However, it was Drexel who made the biggest splash, taking second at the MARC 7s that surprised their competition in the Mid-Atlantic Rugby Conference.

04.22.2016 - Amber DeFabio

Making the DII Women's National Spring Final Four is no small feat, especially if you're Salisbury, Tulane, Southern California, or Humboldt State. Each of these teams not only clawed their way through the normal resistance of competition, retention of numbers, injury, and exhaustion, but they also handily took the win from their oppositions on April 10 during the Round of 16.

04.21.2016 - Amber DeFabio

On April 16, AIC took the West Chester 7s cup against Army, Dartmouth, Norwich, Princeton, West Chester, Bloomsburg, and Kutztown, yet their 4-1 tournament record was not easily obtained.

04.13.2016 - Amber DeFabio

Virginia Tech prop Abbey Coleman was with her team when her mother died.

She returned from her mother's funeral to be handed paperwork stating that her team had raised about $1,000 in her mother's name to be donated to the ALS Association. Almost a year after Cindy Coleman's death, Virginia Tech is attempting to do it all over again.

02.11.2016 - Amber DeFabio

After a 78-5 win against Emory, Georgia Tech went into the battle against UGA searching for another positive outcome, but fell short.