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Drexel Joins Bloomsburg/Kutztown Competition

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Drexel Joins Bloomsburg/Kutztown Competition

Photo courtesy of Sean Cobb

After their performance at the West Chester 7s, both Bloomsburg and Kutztown entered the MARC 7s with a thirst to prove that their loses against the DI varsity teams were just small hiccups in their 7s seasons. However, it was Drexel who made the biggest splash, taking second at the MARC 7s that surprised their competition in the Mid-Atlantic Rugby Conference.

"We went into this past weekend as, I don't want to say the underdogs, but we were trying to make a name for ourselves up there," Drexel coach Amy Jugan said. "No one really expected us to be in the finals; that was for sure."

With five freshmen in the starting lineup and little rugby experience, Drexel wasn't seen as a large competitor. But after Bloomsburg defeated Kutztown 17-7 in the cup semi-finals, it was Drexel who took a shot at the Huskies.

With players like Nikki Snyder who had some of the fastest 40 times at the National All Star Camp this winter, it was hard for Drexel to keep up with Bloomsburg.

"Although Kutztown and Drexel were able to put some points on the board, we responded well and kept calm," Bloomsburg captain Ericka Heath said. "The way the team responded at the MARC tournament was remarkable."

Kutztown took three victories from Scranton, Millersville, and Bloomsburg's B-side team. However, Bloomsburg B-side player Kahli Castagnera performed so well during the tournament that she has been moved to the A-side team for the rest of the season.

"She was a leader for the second team and was able to raise the bar for herself and the whole team," Heath said. "She proved that she belonged with the first team."

Kutztown coach Sean Cobb also mentioned Drexel's Creek Lank as mentionable player for her allusive speed in open field. As always, Kutztown's MC Matta proved to be just as valuable as ever for her team's success. The extensive knowledge she's gained during her rugby career lent to her dangerous ability to control play on the field.

While Drexel came out of the Dragon 7s against Rowan, Temple, and U-Del undefeated two weeks ago, Bloomsburg took the MARC 7s. It's Kutztown who hasn't won a 7s tournament this season yet, but Cobb is hoping that will change soon.

Bloomsburg, Kutztown, and Drexel will be continuing on this weekend to the ACRA 7s accompanied by East Stroudsburg who got an at-large bid. U-Del also received a bid yet turned it away, so Ithaca may be replacing them at the ACRA 7s.