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Rocky Mountain Rebels, 5785 Join Forces

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Rocky Mountain Rebels, 5785 Join Forces

Payton Tymn photo

Two Colorado-based all-star teams have joined forces this summer.

The Rocky Mountain Rebels and 5785 have begun working together, playing 15s under the 5785 moniker and 7s as the Rebels.

The partnership was set up by coaches Amy Rusert (5785) and Ethan Pougnet (Rocky Mountain).   

“We will be collectively recruiting the top players in the region to play in the top showcases all around the country this summer,” said Pougnet. "It's good for us to pool resources and work together. We can accomplish more collectively and it gives us a strong foundation to grow."

That includes the Rocky Mountain Challenge this coming weekend in Aurora, CO, which was live-streamed by FloRugby.

The Rebels will compete at the North American Invitational 7s in Salt Lake City, August 4-5, also live-streamed by FloRugby.