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NCR Finals Weekend

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NCR Finals Weekend

Eric Lusk photo.

The fall pretty much wraps up with this weekend's games.

This time we combine all the divisions together because all of the games are at the same venue and it's basically one event.

We decide NCR's Men's Small College, D2, D1AA, and D1 winners and there are a couple of bowl games too.

Who will win? Well, you we do have a prediction video.

Check back for scores:

12/9 Endicott 28-41 Cal Poly Humboldt 12pm SC SF
12/9 IUP 12-5 NC State 2pm D2 SF
12/9 Catholic  12-25 Wayne State 4pm SC SF
12/9 Principia 52-14 Loyola 6pm D2 SF
12/10 Southern Nazarene 24-66 Sam Houston State 12pm NCR Bowl
12/10 Louisville 22-24 Virginia Tech 2pm NCR D1AA Final
12/10 Boise State 0-31 Notre Dame 4pm NCR Bowl
12/10 Brown 21-5 Queens U. Charlotte 6pm NCR D1 Final
12/11 Cal Poly Humboldt 20-10 Wayne State 1pm SC Final
12/11 IUP 14-47 Principia 3pm D2 Final
12/11 Catholic 19-33 Endicott 9am SC 3rd-4th
12/11 NC State 27-7 Loyola 11am D2 3rd-4th