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10.12.2019 - Alex Goff

Scores from this weekend's Men's DIA and DIAA college games.

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DIAA Results

10.12.2019 - Alex Goff

We're a little bit late posting this so we'll combine it as a scores page and a picks page.

The only results we had prior to posting was Central Michigan over Saginaw Valley State, and Lowell over Providence, but we had CMU and Lowell picked for those—honest. Big game in the South with Citadel vs UNC, and also in the Tri-State with Kings Point against Marist.

10.06.2019 - Alex Goff

Check back for scores—men's DII college games this weekend.

13 Key Games In a Packed DII College Schedule


Men's DII College Game This Weekend

10.05.2019 - Alex Goff

We've got some crossover games and plenty of important conference games in DIAA this weekend.

Kentucky vs Kennesaw State is a HUGE SCRC game in terms of deciding who will be #1. IN the Chesapeake, NC State is 21 and in first place, and Virginia Tech is 2-0; those two play, and that's a game that could decide who is tops in that league.

10.04.2019 - Alex Goff

The Rocky Mountain Conference kind of comes down to BYU at Colorado State.

We talked to Ben Pinkelman, Eagle 7s and 15s impresario who trained with his old team (CSU) in the summer.

09.29.2019 - Alex Goff

Several important DII college games line up this weekend.

We're tracking them.

Check back for scores.

09.28.2019 - Alex Goff

Check back for scores. Major clashes this week with Indiana vs Ohio State, Wisconsin vs Minnesota, Davenport vs Navy, Bowling Green vs Western Michigan, West Chester vs Rowan, and Dartmouth vs Penn State all turning heads.



09.21.2019 - Alex Goff

Scores from around Men's DII college rugby.

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09.21.2019 - Alex Goff


Scores from around DIA and DIAA Rugby September 21-22.

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09.15.2019 - Alex Goff

Latest Men's DII college scores from September 13-14.

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09.14.2019 - Alex Goff

Scores from DIA and DIAA games (as well as crossovers between both divisions) September 13-14.

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06.22.2019 - Alex Goff

Scores from Day One of the Midwest RCT: