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Men DIA Rankings Week 10

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Men DIA Rankings Week 10

Navy vs Life. Colleen McCloskey photo.

Some decisions have to be made this week as we vote in the DIA rankings.

First off, we're happy to see #1-ranked Life take the field, and with a win over #5 Navy Life stays #1. But those teams that aren't playing continue to be vulnerable. Is the Saint Mary's team of 2019-2020 the #3 team in the country? Maybe. Maybe once the Gaels get going. But other teams have been active, and with Navy's close loss to Life (five points), we feel we need to move them up (and also Lindenwood, who beat Navy last week).

Life, Davenport Win In Mid-South

Red River Latest: Aggies, Longhorns, Sooners

Indiana Wins Big 10

The other ranking that gave us headaches was Army-Notre Dame College-Penn State. Army lost to Notre Dame College, who lost to Penn State, who lost this past weekend to Army. All of the games were fairly close, although this weekend's 31-14 Army win was less close than the other games.

Complicating matters is the common opponent issue. While the three teams had relatively comparable results against Mary Washington and Kutztown, NDC's 32-12 loss to St. Bonaventure throws the calculations a little out of whack, as Penn State and Army both beat SBU and by almost identical scores.

But we also have Notre Dame College tying Davenport, a team that beat Penn State by 32. In the end we started with the premise that the Davenport results are correctly indicative of where Davenport is—tied with Notre Dame College and ahead of Penn State. We struggled with the St. Bonaventure result, but that result was on September 21, and the other common results are much more in favor of NDC than they are SBU.

In common results between Army, Penn State, and Notre Dame College, all three were 1-1, with Army having the best points-difference (+12) and Penn State the worst (-11).  It's very, very tight, but we have to take into account results now over older results. Army lost to Notre Dame College on October 5. Penn State beat NDC on September 14. Army beat Penn State on November 9.

Goff Rugby Report D1A Rankings: Week 10
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Life Beat Navy (5)
2 2 Cal 7s
3 4 Lindenwood  
4 5 Navy Lost to Life (1)
5 3 St Mary's  
6 6 Kutztown  
7 7 Arkansas State Beat Arkansas
8 12 Army Beat Penn State (9)
9 8 BYU Beat Utah Valley (37)
10 10 Davenport Beat Clemson (23)
10 10 Notre Dame College Beat Mary Washington (31)
12 9 Penn State Lost to Army (12)
13 13 Iona Beat Fairfield (44)
14 14 Indiana Beat Ohio State (15)
15 15 Ohio State Lost to Indiana (14)
16 16 Colorado Beat Utah State
17 21 Illinois Beat Michigan (35)
18 17 Arizona 7s
19 18 Colorado State  
20 19 Notre Dame  
Goff Rugby Report D1A Rankings: Week 10
21 20 UCLA 7s
22 22 Central Washington  
23 23 Grand Canyon  
24 24 Clemson Lost to Davenport (10)
25 25 Texas A&M Beat Baylor 
26 26 St. Bonaventure  
27 30 Northeastern Beat AIC (36)
28 29 Boston College Beat Syracuse (27)
29 28 Oklahoma Beat North Texas
30 38 Wisconsin Beat Michigan State (34)
31 27 Syracuse Lost to Boston College (29)
32 31 Mary Washington Lost to Notre Dame College (10)
33 32 UC Davis  
34 33 San Diego State  
35 49 Texas Beat LSU
36 35 Michigan Beat Michigan Sate (34), lost to Illinois (21)
37 36 American International College Lost to Northeastern (30)
38 37 Utah Valley Lost to BYU (8)
39 39 Fordham Lost to Iona (13)
40 40 Air Force Beat Wyoming
Goff Rugby Report D1A Rankings: Week 10