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Men D1 College Preseason Rankings

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Men D1 College Preseason Rankings

Iowa Central is a team without a conference, and #1 regardless.

This week we unveil our Men's D1 College rankings.

Now, there's a lot to say about all of this, although much of what will be said will be said by the teams on the field. What we'll say now is this:

We are forced to define our own category here with D1 teams. Why? Because there are teams that are part of NCR and teams that are part of American College Rugby and teams that are part of conferences that operate on their own. We've got independent teams that really don't have a home, and we've got a conference, the Liberty Conference, that announced it was out of D1A, but it listed as D1 by NCR (as opposed to D1AA) but are mixed up with other D1 conferences anyway.

So we've made our own decisions. These are the rankings for anyone not in D1A. Our opening-week D1A rankings are here>>

We have made decisions on our rankings based in part on which programs seem able to reload after shutdowns, which teams have been able to play, and who has enough of a history that we think they'll be OK. With the Liberty teams involved we've expanded this to a Top 50, but remember there will be a lot—a LOT—of changes going forward.


Rank   Team Conference
1   Iowa Central CC Independent
2   Dartmouth Ivy League
3   Queens University Chesapeake
4   Bowling Green MAC
5   Western Michigan MAC
6   Mary Washington Chesapeake
7   Southern Virginia Chesapeake
8   Tennessee SCRC
9   St. Joseph's MARC
10   Mount St. Mary's Chesapeake
11   Iona Liberty
12   Virginia Tech Chesapeake
13   Arkansas Heart of America
14   Cincinnati MAC
15   AIC Liberty
16   Louisville MAC
17   Kentucky SCRC
18   CSULB Gold Coast
19   Northeastern Liberty
20   Kennesaw State SCRC
21   Alabama SCRC
22   Iowa State Heart of America
23   Arizona State Gold Coast
24   South Florida Florida
25   Kansas Heart of America
26   Clemson SCRC
27   U. Notre Dame Independent
28   Boston College Liberty
29   NC State Chesapeake
30   Central Florida Florida
31   Western Washington NCRC
32   Oregon State NCRC
33   Fresno State Pac West
34   UCSC Pac West
35   Iowa Heart of America
36   Buffalo Liberty
37   Chico State Pac West
38   Salisbury MARC
39   Syracuse Liberty
40   Sam Houston State Lonestar
41   Oregon NCRC
42   Florida Atlantic Florida
43   West Chester MARC
44   Delaware MARC
45   UT San Antonio Lonestar
47   Fordham Liberty
48   Brown Ivy League
49   Rowan MARC
50   Fairfield Liberty