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Preseason Men's D1A Rankings Are Out

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Preseason Men's D1A Rankings Are Out

Lindenwood and Central Washington perhaps have some unfinished business. Todd Lunow photo.

Our preseason D1A rankings have an air of speculation about them.

Of course you can't be sure how a team will look on the field at any time, but coming off a period of 18 months where some teams hardly played, this fall's first ranking could be even more difficult.

So we took a stab. Lindenwood, undoubtedly the best team of 2020-2021, drops to #4 only because they graduated a bunch of really impressive players, and we are just easing up on the pressure a little. Cal seems like an automatic #1 pick in uncertain times, but expect this top group to shift around a lot, especially as the fall-active teams get going.

When we were unsure we favored teams we knew would have players no matter what (Army, for example), and we also gave a boost to Cal Poly, UCLA, and UCSB after some coaching moves that we think will pay off, especially combined with the added enthusiasm of the return of the game. 

And hey, remember all that talk about Rugby East being in the NCR? Yes, they are, but they are also in D1A, and until we hear different we're assuming they're part of both and will proceed that way. The Liberty Conference, however, is not in that same category, and we don't have Liberty teams ranked here. So D1A is down to about 43 teams. We've ranked the top 40.

Rank   Team Conference
1   Cal PAC
2   Saint Mary's California
3   Life Mid-South
4   Lindenwood Mid-South
5   Army Rugby East
6   Central Washington Independent
7   Arkansas State Mid-South
8   BYU Rocky Mountain
9   Kutztown Rugby East
10   Navy Rugby East
11   Arizona PAC
12   Penn State Rugby East
14   Davenport Mid-South
15   Indiana Big Ten
16   Ohio State Big Ten
17   Cal Poly California
18   Grand Canyon California
19   Texas A&M Red River
20   Illinois Big Ten
21   Colorado Rocky Mountain
22   Colorado State Rocky Mountain
23   Oklahoma Red River
24   Air Force Rocky Mountain
25   St. Bonaventure Rugby East
26   Notre Dame College Rugby East
27   Utah Rocky Mountain
28   UC Santa Barbara California
29   Wisconsin Big Ten
30   Utah Valley Rocky Mountain
31   Michigan State Big Ten
32   San Diego State California
33   Purdue Big Ten
34   UC Davis California
35   Texas Red River
36   Michigan Big Ten
37   Baylor Red River
38   North Texas Red River
39   Utah State Rocky Mountain
40   Santa Clara California