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DIA, DIAA, and NCR DI Games This Weekend

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DIA, DIAA, and NCR DI Games This Weekend

Just relish the mud from Indiana vs Michigan State last week. Andy Marsh photo.

We've got a playoff game, more games that have playoff implications, and some big rivalries; it's all in this week in DIAA, DIA, and NCR DI rugby.

Check back for scores.

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SVU vs Queens in the Chesapeake is a must-win for both, really, with Queens eyeing the conference championship.

It's all on the line in the SCRC with Tennessee facing Clemson, Kentucky hosting South Carolina, and Georgia at Alabama. We talk about that in detail here:

Huge Game in SCRC as Tennessee Takes On Clemson

And we talk a little more about the standings and implications in the MAC with WMU at Louisville here:

MAC Collision This Week

Rowan vs Salisbury is an intriguing clash in the MARC, and can St. Joe's rebound against a tough West Chester team?

The NCRC in the Pacific Northwest really kicks off and those games are kind of crapshoots at the moment. And then we've got #7 Notre Dame at #2 Bowling Green just for fun, while also #1 Dartmouth hosts a very strong Northeastern team from the Liberty. A win there could very much solidify Dartmouth's position. However, with #2, #3, and #4 all have tough rankings matches and in fact we have #1 through #19 (except for #6 Iowa Central) in action this week.

10/16 Virginia Tech (42) 14-76 Mary Washington (3) Chesapeake
10/16 Mount St. Mary's (10) 69-0 NC State Chesapeake
10/16 Southern Virginia (31) 17-42 Queens U. Charlotte (9) Chesapeake
10/16 UT Dallas 0-67 UT San Antonio Lonestar
10/16 Angelo State 14-76 Sam Houston State (38) Lonestar
10/16 Georgia (41) 17-12 Alabama SCRC
10/16 Clemson (8) 25-41 Tennessee (4) SCRC
10/16 South Carolina 5-22 Kentucky (5) SCRC
10/16 IUPUI (30) 7-15 Cincinnati  MAC
10/16 Ohio University at Dayton MAC
10/16 Western Michigan (12) 30-36 Louisville (11) MAC
10/16 Delaware (44) 0-60 James Madison  MARC
10/16 Salisbury (24) 12-10 Rowan (18) MARC
10/16 Rutgers 27-22 Temple MARC
10/16 St. Joseph's (19) 19-12 West Chester (23) MARC
10/16 Oregon State (32) 5-39 Boise State NCRC / NCR
10/16 Western Washington (22) 85-0 Washington NCRC / ACR
10/16 Truman State at Nebraska Heart of America
10/16 Kansas State (40) 25-40 Arkansas (17) Heart of America
10/16 Kansas (14) 73-0 Oklahoma State Heart of America
10/16 Davenport (DIA 16) 29-29 Wheeling (13) Non-Conference
10/16 Harvard 17-54 Brown (16) Ivy League
10/16 Northeastern (DIA 21) 24-64 Dartmouth (1) Non-Conference
10/16 Notre Dame (7) 29-22 Bowling Green (2) Non-Conference
10/16 Indiana (DIA 10) 55-14 Iona (DIA 20) Non-Conference

(We're combining DIAA and NCR DI because there is some rankings crossover of course and also because NCRC straddles the line.)


The Red River has two games we're really interested in. Baylor has a new coaching staff headed up by Eagle flyhalf and Austin Gilgroni Will Magie. Are they ready to take down a University of Texas team that has its own really smart staff with Corey Jones and some other Gilgronis guys working. It has started well with UT beating Oklahoma 29-5 (!).

Meanwhile, Texas A&M, which lost to Sam Houston State but did so using some young guys, is inching its way back. They will be challenged by a physical North Texas side.

Army clashes with Kutztown and Head Coach Matt Sherman said he likes what he's been seeing from his frontline guys, and wasn't too bothered by some newer faces losing to Dartmouth. 

"We're seeing progress each game," he said. 

Notre Dame College is at Navy and Navy Head Coach Gavin Hickie said his guys are not looking past this game to the Army-Navy clash in a week at FedEx Field in DC (tickets!). NDC, for their part, have produced scoring opportunities and finally started to convert on a last week against Kutztown. KU, of course, won anyway. Who can chase down 3-0 Army for the Rugby East title? Navy (1-0), and Penn State if they get a little help. Penn State also need to help themselves against a slightly hard-luck St. Bonaventure team. It is rare for the Rugby East champion to be undefeated.

The Big Ten gives us a chase as well. Indiana leads the conference and is in a really enticing clash at Iona (shown live at 2PM ET on ESPN+). Meanwhile, someone needs to get into that #2 spot to make the final. That's likely to be Ohio State, who host Purdue at Fortess Obetz, but there's also the Illinois vs Michigan State game. Illinois is 3-1 and in a good spot but will need to win this game. Ohio State has a game in hand (2-1) and has many more bonus points than do the Illini. At 0-2 Michigan State is looking to pull into 3rd or 4th.

Looking back on losses to Tennessee and Indiana, Ohio State Head Coach Tom Rooney said his team struggled with fitness and, because of that, some decision-making. They are improving though.

"Every week we've left three scores on the field that we should have gotten," said Rooney. "But that's College Rugby. That's how you learn. We're getting better every week and we're going into games with the feeling that we are going to win." 

And in the Rocky Mountain we've actually got a playoff game. Utah Valley and Colorado State were due to play a non-standings game this weekend. However, after CSU beat Colorado, it became clear they would meet in the semifinals, so they decided to make this the semifinal. CSU Head Coach Mose Timoteo has an excellent kicker in Sam Masterson, which helps a lot, and a superb back row in Joe Rusert-Cuddy (who helped set up a try last week with an over-the-head, no-look pass), Joe Kamara, who scored an excellent try running through several tacklers, and the stalwart Daniel Trump. He also has a pretty good second row in Connor Twigg and Mason Kreiter. Both are physical and good in set piece and on defense. Twigg has shown some real rugby knowledge despite his youth.

"We've been working a lot on our defense and that's going to be important," said Timoteo. "We've got good players we can rely on and good team chemistry too." 

(Rankings listed are GRR's rankings and then the official D1A vote. Also, D1A only publishes the top 25.)

10/16 Purdue  10-48 Ohio State (14, 16) Big Ten
10/16 Illinois (25, 24) 13-15 Michigan State (37) Big Ten
10/16 Colorado (19, 18) 48-43 Air Force (27, 25) RMC
10/16 Utah Valley (33) 24-30 Colorado State (17, 17) RMC
10/16 Baylor University (48) 43-29 Texas (30) RRRC
10/16 Texas A&M (24) 58-7 North Texas (50) RRRC
10/16 Army (5, 5) 43-8 Kutztown (13, 14) Rugby East
10/16 Notre Dame College (26, 23) 0-76 Navy (7, 8) Rugby East
10/16 St. Bonaventure (18, 19) 19-15 Penn State (9, 11) Rugby East
10/16 Davenport (16, 12) 29-29 Wheeling Non-Conference
10/16 Indiana (10) 55-14 Iona (20) Non-Conference


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Also ...

Liberty has another full slate.

10/16 Boston College (34) 34-15 UMass LIberty NE
10/16 UConn 32-12 Tufts LIberty NE
10/16 Rhode Island 17-53 Fairfield (35) LIberty NE
10/16 Albany 0-70 Colgate Liberty Empire
10/16 Indiana University (10) 55-14 Iona (20) Crossover
10/16 Fordham (44) 32-29 AIC (42) Liberty MetNY
10/16 Brockport Ppd Cortland Liberty Empire
10/16 Nazareth (39) 12-16 U. at Buffalo (41) Liberty Empire
10/16 Syracuse (31) 22-10 Oswego Liberty Empire