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12.04.2023 - GRR Staff

Michigan and Wisconsin Eau Claire both secured repeats championships in NCR women's playoffs, while St. Bonaventure won their first-ever small-college championship.

(Reporting by GRR and also NCR reports)

12.03.2023 - Alex Goff

It’s an all-Kentucky NCR D1AA final after Louisville garnered revenge for the 2022 championship loss to Virginia Tech, and Kentucky unleashed the Wildcat on Boston College.

So Saturday in Houston it will be Louisville vs Kentucky for the NCR title.

11.29.2023 - Alex Goff

All of NCR's women's college divisions are coming to their culmination this weekend in Houston—here's who is playing and why.

Small College

We go into some more detail about this division here: Wild Semifinal Matchups in Women's Small College

11.28.2023 - Alex Goff

Well we saw the NCR D1AA quarterfinals produce a few nailbiters, and it's likely we'll see more with the semifinals.

11.16.2023 - Alex Goff

The Men's D2 games are Friday and we have their Round of 16 followed by the Round of 16 for the Small College teams on Saturday.

Then everyone plays their quarterfinals on Sunday. So by the end of the day we'll have final fours for each bracket (same, actually, with NCR D1 and D1AA).