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College Women

09.30.2014 - Jackie Finlan

Last year, Winona, Notre Dame College, Vassar and Kutztown (in that order) finished atop ACRA’s division II. Here’s a look at what the Final Four did this weekend:

09.29.2014 - Jackie Finlan

Saturday’s game against Norwich was probably the most important of DI Quinnipiac’s fall season. Yes, it was friendly. Yes, it was a loss. But the 45-38 scoreline is representative of the vast improvement the team has made since fall 2013.

09.29.2014 - Jackie Finlan

It appears that Mel Denham is working her magic, again. The new head coach took Central Washington to Pullman, Wash., this weekend for the Wildcats’ first run-out of the season. Although a pre-season friendly, CWU impressed in its 41-8 win over Washington State, the region’s top DI team.

09.29.2014 - Jackie Finlan

Down 17-8 at the half, American International College’s forwards surged in the second half, dotting down four tries to overtake Army 32-29. The teams were both looking for their first win within the Northeast's DI Western Division.

09.25.2014 - Jackie Finlan

No movement in the top five of the Women’s DI College Rankings, but plenty through the meat of the lineup.