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College Women

10.09.2014 - Jackie Finlan

Three weeks have passed since our last Women’s DII College rankings, and it’s time for some changes. While Winona has done nothing to warrant a drop in the Top 20, Notre Dame College has done more to claim the top spot.

10.08.2014 - Alex Goff

It’s been all about the winning at Rutgers, as their women’s team defeated Hofstra on Sunday to improve to 5-0 in the Tri-State South, and drop Hofstra to 4-1.

Head Coach Ken Pape said earlier this season that the program is seriously thinking about moving up to DI, and continued strong performances are how they can get there.

10.07.2014 - Jackie Finlan

West Chester got its second conference win of the season, getting a little more push-back from James Madison than Temple, but still recording a 67-5 victory.

10.07.2014 - Jackie Finlan

No one ever accused the Ivy League of being predictable. The women’s DI conference started interestingly enough, as varsity teams Brown and Harvard battled to a 24-15 decision (in Brown’s favor), but akin to seasons past, the upsets are far from over.

10.07.2014 - Jackie Finlan

Air Force delivered another blow to the Navy women, defeating the visiting Midshipmen 47-22 in front of a dense crowd last weekend. Navy, an Independent DI team competing in ACRA, needs to hit a hot streak if it’s to be considered as an at-large inclusion in playoffs.