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GRR: Vassar

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11.07.2022 - Alex Goff

The CRAA Women's D2 college bracket is set and we also have a bit of a shift in the schedule.

What had initially been a schedule where the quarterfinals were November 19 and the semifinals November 20, with the final December 4, we now have the quarterfinals on November 19, the semifinals in Charlotte on December 3, and the final on December 4.

12.06.2021 - Alex Goff

Vassar College's domination of the women's ACRA competition was complete on Saturday as eviscerated Temple 74-5.

Temple found no justice in anything they tries. Kick out of your own 22 and fullback Vivika Sheppard is there to burn you and either score (she got two) or set up her embarrassment of riches in terms of talented teammates.

12.01.2021 - Alex Goff

There's little doubt that the ACRA final this weekend is the culmination of the biggest and strongest women's D2 college competition.

With NCR dubbing its women's competition D1, and with ACRA boasting about 40 teams and with the CRAA-overseen Rocky Mountain Conference added in for the playoffs, No other competition approached it.

10.31.2021 - GRR Staff

The Tri-State Conference helds its semifinals Sunday, with one or two surprises.


In New Jersey on Sunday the Fairfield University Women came from behind to tie the game and then in the second period of overtime scored to finish up 29-24. Fairfield will face the Vassar College Women on Saturday in the final. RPI and MSU will match-up for third and fourth place.

10.18.2021 - Alex Goff

The Tri-State Conference Women's competition is headed for its quarterfinals this weekend after the final day of regular-season play.

 North #1 is, not surprisingly, Vassar, with Fairfield securing #2 with a 24-22 defeat of RPI on Sunday.