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GRR: Iowa Central CC

02.11.2020 - Alex Goff

Well we'd like to apologize for being so late with this, but various factors slowed our progress in curating the list—long story short, we're ready now.

12.08.2019 - Alex Goff

The Iowa Central Tritons started the 2019 fall season as a Division II team, and now they are DIAA fall champions.

The Tritons defeated Western Michigan 36-21 Sunday in Matthews, NC.

12.03.2019 - Alex Goff

The story now is well-known; Iowa Central Community College was bumped up from DII to DIAA in the middle of the season—late in the middle of the season—and the Tritons still managed to win through, get an invitation to the DIAA playoffs, and make this weekend’s final.

It’d be no surprise that the players have a bit of a chip on their shoulder.

11.24.2019 - Alex Goff

Western Michigan will play Iowa Central Community College in the fall final of the Men's DIAA College rugby playoffs after both won games Sunday.

Iowa Central, which started the season as a DII team and was moved up to DIAA despite their protests because of the Tritons' strength of schedule, have made lemonade out those lemons with an impressive run this weekend.

11.13.2019 - Alex Goff

The USA Rugby Fall DIAA bracket has been finalized as it carries a little bit of a surprise, but probably a well thought-out one.