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05.08.2018 - Alex Goff

The Tennessee Rugby Association will hold the state rugby championship tournament finals on Saturday, May 12 after the first round of playoffs held May 5..

The championship final matches (except the Boys Plate Championship) will take place at Middle Tennessee State University Sports Complex , Murfreesboro, Tenn.


Boys HS:

04.19.2018 - GRR Contributor

Since their 2018 debut at NashBash, the Harpeth Harlequins remain the only unbeaten team in the Middle Tennessee Rugby Conference with one week remaining in regular season play. Still showing their strength on both sides of the ball, the Harlequins have put up 174 points for the season so far and allowed 87. Here are highlights of their conference matches to date:


03.15.2018 - GRR Staff

The Harpeth Harlequins played this past weekend at NashBash U19 Tournament and provided a glimpse into their potential for the 2018 season.

05.15.2017 - Alex Goff

The stage was set for another tough match between the Harpeth Harlequins and the Ravenwood Raptors of Middle Tennessee Saturday as these two teams played the Tennessee state final Saturday.

05.08.2017 - Alex Goff

Harpeth and the Ravenwood Raptors will meet for the Tennessee Boys HS Final after both won convincingly over the weekend in the semifinals.

The Raptors shut out Christian Brothers 34-0. Harpeth went 14 better, shutting out Barden 48-0.