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DIAA College Rugby News

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12.03.2023 - Alex Goff

It’s an all-Kentucky NCR D1AA final after Louisville garnered revenge for the 2022 championship loss to Virginia Tech, and Kentucky unleashed the Wildcat on Boston College.

So Saturday in Houston it will be Louisville vs Kentucky for the NCR title.

11.28.2023 - Alex Goff

Well we saw the NCR D1AA quarterfinals produce a few nailbiters, and it's likely we'll see more with the semifinals.

11.19.2023 - Alex Goff

Your NCR D1AA last four are Louisville, Boston College, Kentucky, and two-time defending champions Virginia Tech.

The GRR DIAA rankings, which include teams not in NCR, list Kentucky at #1, VT at #2, and Louisville #4 after they erased losses to Bowling Green and Western Michigan by beating both in their conference playoffs. And BC are ranked #12.

11.16.2023 - Alex Goff

In case you're coming to this topic late, we offer a little explanation for new-ish fans of college rugby as to why we're seeing what we're seeing in this coming group of playoff games.

11.14.2023 - Alex Goff

Conference finals and a play-in mixes up our rankings.