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Utah High School 7s Heat Up In Round 3

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Utah High School 7s Heat Up In Round 3

Action from Round 2 captured from UYR's Youtube feed.

Who makes the next big move in Utah?

In Round 2 of the Utah Youth Rugby HS 7s series, Provo girls and Mountain Ridge boys both made moves that told everyone that this season isn't a fait accompli. 

Provo Provides Utah Youth Rugby Surprise

Newcomers Mountain Ridge Climbing High In Utah Fall 7s

With United boys out on quarantine and the United girls upset by Provo, Round 2 had new champions. This week, Herriman boys, which had started to show improvement in Round 2 after a 2-2 Round 1, will be out as a couple of coaches have unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19.

While everyone hopes hard for their recovery, we also see United back after that week off.

"The boys had a good practice," United Head Coach Colin Puriri. "We've got good numbers and we're just exited to be back."

United has a good shot at winning all their games, but remember Mountain Ridge is coming on strong.

With five teams playing among the boys, it's a straight round-robin with everyone playing four games. Spare a through for Brighton/Copper Hills, which has to play back-to-back games in the morning.

Utah Youth Rugby Boys HS 7s Round 3
9:30 Kearns vs Mountain Ridge
9:55 Wasatch vs Brighton/Copper Hills
10:30 Brighton/Copper Hills vs United
10:55 Wasatch vs Kearns
11:30 Brighton/Copper Hills vs Mountain Ridge
11:55 Wasatch vs United
12:30 Wasatch vs Mountain Ridge
12:55 Kearns vs United
13:30 Mountain Ridge vs United
13:55 Kearns vs Brighton/Copper Hills

The girls are split into two pools, with teams from one pool playing the three teams from the opposite pool. Then the top two play for 1st, next two for 3rd, and the next two for 5th. 

Utah Youth Rugby Girls HS 7s Round 3
9:30 Wasatch vs Provo
9:55 United vs Brighton
10:20 Kearns/South Davis vs Majestics
10:55 Provo vs Brighton
11:20 Kearns/South Davis vs United
11:45 Wasatch vs Majestics
12:20 Wasatch vs United
12:45 Kearns/South Davis vs Provo
13:10 Majestics vs Brighton
13:45 5th/6th Game
14:10 3rd/4th Game
14:30 Final