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Two Special Lasting RWC Memories

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Two Special Lasting RWC Memories

Chris Wyles scores that try that we talk about.

Having spoken about the USA team in detail, with a lot of it not very positive, there comes a time to think about this in positive ways.

Perhaps, then, we can look back at the Rugby World Cup with these memories, one video and one in description.

The video - Zack Test shows in part why playing high-level 7s can make you good at 15s. His ability to make open-field tackles, and his ability to get up and make another tackle, is on display here as he makes three tackles and turns a difficult situation for Japan into a really scary one. (If you don't see the embedded video, refresh the page.)


And then, let’s fast forward to about 69 minutes into the game against Japan. At this point, the USA Rugby World Cup is done. Japan leads 25-11. The Eagles are 0-3, about to be 0-4. They have a man in the sin-bin. There’s no reason at all to exert yourself, right?

Japan had the ball deep inside the USA 22. Here’s what happens.

1. Andrew Durutalo blows through in a counter-ruck that knocks two Japanese on their butts. Durutalo then poaches the ball. 

2. Durutalo looks for some help, doesn’t have much, and passes to Chris Wyles on the right wing. 

3. Wyles could kick clear, but decides to run. He’s caught but the Eagles recycle around their 22-meter line and they keep running.

4. Thretton Palamo shrugs off four guys and makes some ground. 

5. Zack Test breaks a couple of tackles and takes his team into the Japan half. 

6. Quick ball allows Mike Petri to give a perfect pass to Danny Barrett, who charges on into the japan 22. It takes five player to bring him down.

7. Japan kills the ball and with the advantage Wyles kicks through for Test, who chases like a wild man and claims to have touched the ball down. There’s no call - but the ball is brought back for a penalty.

8. At this point most teams would have gone for a kick for points. Instead, Petri taps and links with Titi Lamositele. 

9. The forwards run it six times close to the line and then Petri sends it to AJ MacGinty, who sends a wide pass to Chris Wyles for a try.

From defending in their 22 to scoring took about two minutes, but it was the fact that everyone had a hand in the effort, and they put together exactly the kind of rugby we know they can play, shorthanded, while tired at the end of a long season, is maybe what we might want to remember.