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Trophies Glitter in This Week's Men's DI College Games

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Trophies Glitter in This Week's Men's DI College Games

Fairfield and URI get bowl games this weekend. Photo @coolrugbyphotos

What's on the line this week in Men's DI college rugby? Plenty.

Check back for score.


It'll be interesting to see how Davenport matches up with Notre Dame and how that affects each team in its own ranking. Navy chases 2nd in the Rugby East, while Indiana hopes to secure an unbeaten run in the Big 10. Michigan State should confirm a place in the 3rd-4th game in BTU.

How good is Iowa Central? Playing Lindenwood certainly helps answer those sorts of questions. 

Air Force at Army, among other things, is the final game of the Commander-in-Chief Trophy. A win or tie for Army clinches that trophy for the Black Knights. And, if Lindenwood isn't impressive and Army is, you might see Army go past Lindenwood in the DIA rankings.

11/5 Davenport 30-0 Univ. Notre Dame Non-Conference
11/6 Navy 37-22 Penn State Rugby East
11/6 Kutztown 12-17 St. Bonaventure Rugby East
11/5 Michigan 17-29 Indiana Big Ten
11/6 Ohio State 80-5 Wisconsin Big Ten
11/6 Purdue 8-33 Michigan State Big Ten
11/6 Iowa Central CC 5-74 Lindenwood Non-Conference
11/6 Air Force 23-72 Army Non-Conference
11/6 Baylor 48-31 Oklahoma Red River


The top four in the SCRC will wrap up, and the MAC will also finalize who plays whom in their playoffs.

Heart of America caps it all off at the Westwick Rugby Complex in Lawrence, Kans. with semis on Saturday and finals on Sunday, including a 5th-8th semi and final sequence, and a 9th-10th playoff, so everyone is in action. 

11/6 UT Dallas 31-39 Houston Lonestar
11/6 Abilene Chr. at Texas State Lonestar
11/6 UT San Antonio 52-12 UTEP Lonestar
11/6 South Carolina Fft W-L Kennesaw State SCRC
11/6 Georgia 7-67 Tennessee SCRC
11/6 Kentucky 17-21 Clemson SCRC
11/6 Bowling Green 72-7 Cincinnati MAC
11/6 Dayton 19-68 Western Michigan MAC
11/6 Louisville 31-24 IUPUI MAC
11/6 Pittsburgh at Ohio University MAC
11/6 Kansas 27-24 Iowa State HOA SF
11/6 Arkansas 19-37 Minnesota HOA SF
11/6 Truman State 10-68 Oklahoma State HOA 9th/10th
11/6 Iowa 24-13 Missouri HOA 5th SF
11/6 Nebraska 19-41 Kansas State HOA 5th SF
11/7 Iowa 19-23 Kansas State HOA 5th-6th
11/7 Iowa State 51-10 Arkansas HOA 3rd-4th
11/7 Kansas 17-14 Minnesota HOA Final


The Liberty takes center stage with their championship game between Iona and Northeaster, but they have augmented all of that with what promises to be a thriller of a 3rd-4th clash and six A-side bowl games (and several B-side matchups too).

In the MARC it all comes down to St. Joe's at Salisbury, where one of those teams could rise to the top in a crowded field.

The Ivy League is down to Brown at Dartmouth, with Dartmouth favored but Brown playing some impressive rugby this fall.

11/6 Temple 17-78 James Madison MARC
11/5 West Chester 39-5 Delaware MARC
11/6 Rowan 41-7 Rutgers MARC
11/6 St. Joseph's 39-24 Salisbury MARC
11/6 Brown 15-13 Dartmouth Ivy League
11/6 Iona 19-10 Northeastern Liberty Final
11/6 Syracuse 22-39 Fordham Liberty 3rd-4th
11/6 Binghamton 29-5 Stony Brook Liberty Bowl Game
11/6 UMass vs Albany Liberty Bowl Game
11/6 Colgate vs URI Liberty Bowl Game
11/6 UConn vs Buffalo Liberty Bowl Game
11/6 Nazareth 22-29 Tufts Liberty Bowl Game
11/6 AIC 17-34 Fairfield Liberty Bowl Game
11/6 Boise State 17-8 Washington State NCRC