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Top Men D1 College Players of the Spring: The Forwards

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Top Men D1 College Players of the Spring: The Forwards

Jack O'Keeffe was a very effective openside flanker for Florida State. Photo Mark Chambers.

Goff Rugby Report has selected our Top D1 college players of the spring.

This is a list for players whose D1 teams (not D1A) played the majority of their season in the spring. We do not have Heart of America players in this list because opted to list them in the fall.

Top Men D1 College Players of the Fall: The Backs

Top Men D1 College Players of the Fall: The Forwards

We also are not judging players based on 7s. This is a 15s list based on the 15s season. Overall we have 85 players (as opposed to about 150 in the slightly busier fall season). Our goal was to have at least five players per position—so if there are two players on a team at one position, such as lock, we are hoping to get about 10 players per position. That would give us at least 75 players, and this time we ended up with 85 because ... because we couldn't cut out those final 10.


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So we list players from the Gold Coast, Pacific Western, Lonestar, Florida, and NCRC conferences. 

You can see our list of top backs here>>

Here are the forwards:

Goff Rugby Report Top Spring D1 College Players: The Forwards
First Name Last Name Team Conference
Diego Amataga UCSC PW
Carlos Banuelos Fresno State PW
Alejandro Garcia FIU Florida
Quentin Goss Boise State NCRC
Sean Johnson South Florida Florida
Oliver Kane San Diego GC
David Phillips UTSA Lonestar
Adam Sanchez CSULB GC
Derrick Washington UCF Florida
Jacob Willareal Texas State Lonestar
First Name Last Name Team Conference
Ryan Burgos Stanford PW
David Harold UNF Florida
Jason Raley UCF Florida
Josiah Roberts UTSA Lonestar
Garrett Ros SHSU Lonestar
Logan Tatum San Diego GC
Noah Weiss Western Washington NCRC
First Name Last Name Team Conference
Peter Bader Stanford PW
Drew Barton Texas State Lonestar
Miles Brown Sacramento State PW
Joao Chichon Ize FAU Florida
Alex Kurleman Florida State Florida
Sean Martin Arizona State GC
George Newbold SHSU Lonestar
Nehemiah Nua Asuza Pacific GC
Pasquale Quaranta FAU Florida
Hayden Wilhelm North Florida Florida
Loose Forward      
First Name Last Name Team Conference
Josh Deneal Boise State NCRC
Jeremy Gunderson Oregon NCRC
Luke Heynen CSULB GC
Angus Kelly Florida State Florida
Nathaniel Knight SHSU Lonestar
Cole Macias Arizona State GC
Desmond Maiava Western Washington NCRC
Lawrence Mata Fresno State PW
Michael McNeill UCF Florida
Timothy Mulholland Chico State PW
Jack O'Keeffe Florida State Florida
Michael Ramos San Diego GC
Peter Sinoyiannus FAU Florida
Christopher Torres Sacramento State PW
Jordan Wander Texas State Lonestar
William Wheat Texas State Lonestar
Jackson Zabierek UCSC PW