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South RCT Under Way

HS Boys

South RCT Under Way

Okapi Wanderers are a stand-alone club, but will play in the South RCT.

The South RCT is set to kick off Friday evening.

With limited field space at Life University, the tournament has to cover three days, and that offers some options for teams who might struggle with depth.

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The South RCT is a showcase this year for how splintered select side efforts are in Florida. Four different programs will field seven separate teams (all boys - no girls in Marietta as they opted for Charlotte). There's ARE, the South Florida Lightning, and Florida Elite Dragons. The Okapi Wanderers, runners up in the state championship this years as a stand-alone club, will also participate.

Geography makes it tough for players in Florida to find one central team to play for. Politics has played a part, too. But in the end this will open up the tournament to a variety of styles of play.

Louisiana should have a solid team, but their JVs are a little light and they have merged with South Carolina for the younger players. For all of these teams, this is a final chance to show something before the U19 RAN Championships, where USA South is competing against Caribbean national U19 teams.