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Small But Intense College Weekend Ahead

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Small But Intense College Weekend Ahead

Saint Mary's vs UBC from last week. Both are in action this week. David Barpal photo.

We talk about the opening of the Florida Conference, and that's an almost non-stop run for that group.

Many other conference mix in some non-conference games, but we do have a California Conference game between Cal Poly and Saint Mary's. While the Gaels are favored, this is a continually improving Cal Poly side so let's see how much of an improvement. 

Cal looked almost untouchable in the Storer Classic, but it's early days. Santa Clara has a history of putting themselves into the deep end early in the season and of course they do it this week against the Golden Bears.

Two teams are independent in D1A this winter/spring, and that's Grand Canyon and Central Washington. So really every game they play is the equivalent of a conference game. GCU hosts UCLA this week, and Central Washington is at University of British Columbia (live at 4PM ET, 1PM PT here>>).

Opening your season against UCLA at home is tough enough. Doing it on the road against the Canadian champions is quite another.

Check back for scores:

1/21 UTSA 19-20 Texas Non-Conference
1/21 Santa Clara  3-79 Cal D1A Non-Conference
1/21 Cal Poly 7-85 Saint Mary's D1A California Conf.
1/21 Central Florida 20-26 Florida Florida D1AA
1/21 South Florida 25-19 Florida State Florida D1AA
1/21 North Florida 14-38 Florida International Florida D1AA
1/21 UCLA 14-24 Grand Canyon D1A Non-Conference
1/21 Central Washington 32-17 UBC Non-Conference