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RMA Coach Talk: Hall Consultants

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RMA Coach Talk: Hall Consultants

Troy and Sarah Hall

Bruce McLane talks with his former player and former USA Eagle #422, current Clemson Coach, and Nutrition Coach, Troy Hall and his wife, Dr. Sarah Hall, PT, DPT & Nutritionist.

Troy and Sarah make up their company Hall Wellness and Sports Consultants which is a:

An Online Wellness Consulting service for Rugby Players that focuses on: Physical, Nutritional & Mental Consulting to Help, Support & Inspire Rugby Players to live Happy & Healthy lives so they can Inspire others to do the same

If you want to know more about Hall Consultants and their services, go to www.hallconsultants.com

You can also email Troy Hall with any questions at: troy@hallconsultants.com and/or DM him on Instagram or Facebook below.


Instagram: @troyphall @hallconsultants
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/troy.hall.98


Former Eagle Starts Consulting Business

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