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Former Eagle Starts Consulting Business

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Former Eagle Starts Consulting Business

Troy and Sarah Hall

Former USA Eagle, current Oregon State University Head Coach, and Certified Nutrition Coach, Troy Hall is starting a new rugby-focused business with his wife, working to bring personal preparation knowledge to the masses.

Hall's wife, Sarah Hall, is a licensed physical therapist and a certified nutritionist, and that knowledge base, combined with Hall's understanding of rugby, has given birth to Hall Wellness & Sports Consultants. The business will address nutrition, wellness, and physical preparation for rugby players.

"This is all about what you can do off the field to make you more successful," said Hall. "The key is to make this information accessible to all players. It's not about telling everyone they should eat or take care of their bodies one way. You've got to find the right mix."

The business will offer general advice, support and knowledge behind a paywall, and will also offer more bespoke one-on-one consulting for higher level players who want to invest a little bit more into their rugby future.

"We want to create more awareness among rugby players about what they are eating, how they are taking care of themselves, and how that translates to their overall physical well-being," said Hall, who was capped three times by the USA 15s team, one each in 2011, 2013, and 2015. "At the end of the day, it is our goal to help Athletes create healthy and sustainable habits that will take them well beyond their rugby days."

It is very rare for a rugby team in the United States to have a dedicated nutritionist, and the Halls are fully aware of that.

"Most teams—even our National and MLR teams including teams at the highest levels—do not have the funding & resources to have a Wellness or Nutrition Consultant on their staff," said Troy Hall. "This was actually one of the biggest reasons we created our company: to be able to Provide Athletes with this type of support. Of course, not everyone out there values this type of education and Training the way we do, and that's just the way it is, and is okay. But with that said, we are on the lookout for like-minded coaches and athletes who do value it and understand the importance of it."

It's convenient as the service can be used anywhere through the company's portal, which is user-friendly, personal, and fun.

If you want to know more about Hall Consultants and their services, go to hallconsultants.com and for the direct link to their Wellness Membmership, go to: www.hallconsultants.education. And if you have any questions for Troy, you can email him at: troy@hallconsultants.com