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Returning to Play In High School; Who Is and Who Isn't

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Returning to Play In High School; Who Is and Who Isn't

The Charlotte Tigers and a compilation team from Southern California already played. Who else gets going?

What's the status of high school rugby around the country? We're here to give you an answer.

Every state rugby organization has different issues to deal with. Some states have had a rougher time with COVID than others. Some have had more data-drive responses than others.

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As an example, some states (notably Washington) continue to list outdoor rugby as one of the highest-risk sports, while saying that basketball (a "non-contact" sport that is actually high-contact) is lower risk. Yet other states (notably, and somewhat surprisingly, California) have seen that playing outdoors is inherently safer than playing indoors, and as a result put outdoor rugby as not as high a risk as indoor basketball.

So everyone has different rules, different fears and concerns, and different problems.

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Below we've taken a closer look at the states that have rugby organizations, and can give you an overview of where they are in terms of playing high school rugby.

In addition, keep in mind that many private schools have a bit more freedom to do what they want. Many are already insured, and other HS clubs are also finding that they can get insurance and just go out and play (note, this-party insurance doesn't cover COVID issues, it just covers other stuff like injuries or a ball hitting a spectator in the face). So while we make generalizations about what's going on in a state, there may be self-insured clubs or school teams that do their own thing irrespective of if a state league is operational.

Rock Rugby in Texas kept practicing through much of the fall. The Eastside Lions in Washington are practicing. A compilation team from Southern California traveled to South Carolina to play earlier this month.

So having said all that, here goes:


Return-To-Play Status in HS Rubgy As Of Feb 22, 2021
State Notes on Status
Arizona Playing now
Arkansas One team, which has a schedule set (but could use more games)
Colorado Plans to start in March
Colorado Varsity League (CIRA) Girls first then boys. Timeline finalizing
Connecticut More information coming
DC More information coming
Florida Playing now
Georgia Expected to play soon, with some teams reduced to 10s or 7s.
Idaho Slated to start in late March
Illinois Contact practices have started. Need more good news from the state.
Indiana Ready to go. Games coming in March, probably
Iowa Starting early April for Girls and Boys
Kansas Will play, kicking off in March
Louisiana Playing now
Maryland Working to make it happen
Massachusetts No specifics yet for MYR or MIAA, but should know soon.
Michigan Meeting in March to decide. Possibly just touch or flag rugby
Minnesota Coming back April or early May. Girls maybe a bit later
Missouri Schedule set starting mid-March
Montana More information coming
Nebraska More information coming
New Jersey Working to make it happen
New Mexico More information coming
New York Piecemeal with various regions able to play. WNY looking good. Capitol and West Chester likely. NYC more to do.
NorCal Meeting Feb 23 to discuss but things are hopeful
North Carolina There has been some rugby, but a league season still is questionable
Ohio Schedule set
Oklahoma April
Oregon Possible. They are waiting on some state information but sounding more optimistic
Pennsylvania Back to contact - League play to start April 11
SoCal Planned for April
South Carolina  
Tennessee Will be back, schedule unsure
Texas Playing now
Washington State coming out of things very slowly. Right now not looking good
Kentucky Small amount of teams. Should be OK
Rhode Island More information coming
Vermont More information coming
Nevada More information coming
New Hampshire More information coming
Delaware Small number of teams, most private schools. They should find a way.
Wisconsin Delayed until May, but they're playing.