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RMA: Shaking Up The COVID Response

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RMA: Shaking Up The COVID Response

RuggaMatrix America is a podcast. Find it on Apple Podcast.

In this RuggaMatrix America podcast Bruce McLane sits down with Dr. Richard Urso. 

The point of this podcast is to broach the subject of questioning the COVID response in the USA. the response to growing positive-case numbers has been to tell people to stay home, close down sports, close down park, and close down schools. But Dr. Urso brings up long-standing medical practices that fly in the face of that response.

Being outside, getting vitamin D, and working on ways to treat the pandemic prophylactically all enter the discussion. Dr. Urso has treated COVID patients in the Houston area, and he has come under fire for how he does it.

Is treating inflammation the way to help people recover from COVID? What are the questions raised regarding the vaccine? Is closing schools a mistake? 

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