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Playoff Implications in DI Games This Weekend

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Playoff Implications in DI Games This Weekend

UMW looks to take charge in the Chesapeake. David Hughes photo.

Playoffs and rankings and some conference titles are on the line this weekend in Men's DI (all-encompassing) college rugby, so here's a look at what's on the slate.

Check back for scores.


Georgia, Tennessee, and Clemson all expect to win the SCRC, so that's not an issue. This is all about who can position themselves for the conference playoffs.

Cincinnati is poised to do something in the MAC playoffs, but need to stay on top of things this week. Boise State started really well in NCRC, but can't let up against an always tough Washington State team.

Boise State, WWU Start Strong in NCRC

The Heart of America is, as always, poised for a wild finish and Minnesota vs Iowa, as well as the rivalry clash of Kansas vs Kansas State, will have a huge influence on who takes top in the conference.

10/23 UTEP at Texas State Lonestar
10/23 UT Dallas at Angelo State Lonestar
10/23 Kennesaw State Fft L-W Georgia SCRC
10/23 Tennessee 51-0 Alabama SCRC
10/23 South Carolina 5-57 Clemson SCRC
10/23 Pittsburgh 7-37 Cincinnati MAC
10/23 IUPUI 26-12 Dayton MAC
10/23 Louisville 41-21 Ohio University MAC
10/23 Washington State 6-62 Boise State NCRC / NCR
10/23 Iowa State 43-14 Nebraska Heart of America
10/23 Iowa 7-41 Minnesota Heart of America
10/23 Kansas 16-12 Kansas State Heart of America
10/23 Missouri 12-52 Arkansas Heart of America


AIC got a jump on the weekend with two big wins to put them at 3-2 for the season. 

BC's game vs Fairfield was shifted to this weekend, reportedly, but BC isn't playing it and Fordham vs Fairfield isn't happening either as instead Fordham and Fairfield look to the playoffs.

The game to watch in the Liberty is Syracuse vs Nazareth; for the Chesapeake, Mount St. Mary's vs Mary Washington could be a conference-decider, or at least a spoiler.

Chesapeake Season Coming to a Head

10/20 AIC 53-3 Stony Brook Liberty MetNY
10/22 Colgate 0-57 AIC Liberty MetNY
10/23 Mount St. Mary's 13-42 Mary Washington Chesapeake
10/23 Maryland 0-20 Southern Virginia Chesapeake
10/23 Queens U. Charlotte 35-3 Virginia Tech Chesapeake
10/23 Cornell 7-47 Brown Ivy League
10/23 Tufts Ccld Boston College LIberty NE
10/23 Northeastern 98-7 UConn LIberty NE
10/23 Rhode Island 5-20 UMass LIberty NE
10/23 Washington State 6-62 Boise State NCRC / NCR
10/23 Iona College 91-0 Albany Liberty MetNY
10/23 Fairfield University Ccld Fordham Liberty MetNY
10/23 Cortland 22-33 Binghamton Liberty Empire
10/23 Buffalo 59-0 Brockport Liberty Empire
10/23 Syracuse 47-27 Nazareth Liberty Empire


It's a relatively small number of games, although Colorado at BYU is a semifinal, the winner playing Colorado State in the conference final.

Michigan, Michigan State, and Purdue are all hoping to join Illinois in the top two in order to play the Illini November 13 for 3rd in the conference.

And, of course, there's Army vs Navy at FedEx Field.

10/22 Marian 16-46 Lindenwood Non-Conference
10/23 Purdue 14-45 Michigan Big Ten
10/23 Michigan State 34-12 Wisconsin Big Ten
10/23 Penn State 45-48 Ohio State Non-Conference
10/23 Colorado 3-65 BYU RMC
10/23 North Texas 21-45 Baylor University RRRC
10/23 Texas A&M 51-6 Oklahoma University RRRC
10/23 Army 24-17 Navy Rugby East
10/23 St. Bonaventure 39-11 Notre Dame College Rugby East
10/23 Arkansas State Fr So 28-19 Iowa Central CC Non-Conference