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Player Leadership Fuels St Ignatius Fall 7s

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Player Leadership Fuels St Ignatius Fall 7s

St. Ignatius leads the Rugby Ohio Boys Northern Fall 7s with a 4-0 record so far, and it's an indication of what can happen if you open the door to good leaders.

While Dan Arbeznik remains the Head Coach of the team, he has basically only attended games and practices to make sure everything is safe.

"I think more than anything, fall 7s offers our older players the opportunity to develop their leadership skills," said Arbeznik. "They run their own practices, make all roster decisions, and are responsible for communicating all match and practice details.  We've had a terrific group of seniors step into this role and it's been quite gratifying to watch them grow as leaders and take ownership of the club."

While fall sevens is a great way to recruit players and give athletes who play other spring sports a taste of rugby, Ignatius is using it to test the leadership of the team.

"I think the guys know that nothing will be handed to them and that they have a target on their backs," said Arbeznik. "I've been pleased with all of the work they've been putting into the weight room and our skills sessions."

Seniors Danny Molnar, Tommy Maloney, Brian Strauss, and Will Coughlin have led the team in terms of play and also culture and preparation.

And it's telling when the coach says: "our seniors are running everything." should be commended for all of their hard work, dedication, and persistence.