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GRR: St. Ignatius

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02.28.2020 - Alex Goff

It’s #10 vs #1 as St. Ignatius out of the Cleveland area takes on a Gonzaga team that almost lost last weekend.

For St. Ignatius this is a pretty steep hill to climb for the firs game of the season, but Head Coach Dan Arbeznik figures they have to start somewhere. 

10.04.2019 - Alex Goff

St. Ignatius leads the Rugby Ohio Boys Northern Fall 7s with a 4-0 record so far, and it's an indication of what can happen if you open the door to good leaders.

While Dan Arbeznik remains the Head Coach of the team, he has basically only attended games and practices to make sure everything is safe.

02.26.2019 - Alex Goff

Gonzaga HS is thinking national championship again and took an impressive step toward that end with a 34-12 defeat of St. Ignatius out of Cleveland.

This is a regular meeting between these two teams, and it's often very close. While still a competitive game, it was a little more on Gonzaga's side, and there's a reason for that.

05.01.2018 - Alex Goff

The Midwest Boys HS Championships kicks off this weekend and it's a new-look tournament.

Previous years have seen the tournament split into HS Club and Single-School brackets. However, that has not been the best option, especially as Royal Irish has won fairly easily on the club side.

04.28.2018 - Alex Goff

St. Ignatius of Cleveland defeated top-ranked HS club team Royal Irish 27-13 Saturday in a classic crossover match.

Ignatius, which defeated Gonzaga earlier this year - a team Royal Irish also beat - has now defeated the #2 single-school team (Gonzaga at the time), and the #1 HS cub.