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NSCRO Rebrands as National Collegiate Rugby

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NSCRO Rebrands as National Collegiate Rugby

National Collegiate Rugby's new logo.

The national Small College Rugby Organization has officially renamed itself as National Collegiate Rugby, or NCR.

The change has come as what was NSCRO separated its operations from USA Rugby following USA Rugby's failure to forward funds due NSCRO. That was all part of USA Rugby's financial problems, but it spurred NSCRO to start its own membership and insurance programs.

The move came at a time that USA Rugby was filing for bankruptcy. As a result, NSCRO announced that it was expanding past serving just small colleges, and would start open divisions for other conferences. The Men's D2 conferences flooded in, and the women's D2 conferences started to follow. 

Some Men's D1 conferences are coming in, too, and NSCRO announced its first women's D1 conference just this week.

All along, NSCRO President Steve Cohen said there would be a name change. That name was generally expected to be NCRO, but is now the more concise NCR. 

An an official NCR announcement released today, the organization said: "We are excited to introduce National Collegiate Rugby (NCR), a new brand that will encompass a broad constituency of collegiate programs.  The brand will be guided by the values inherent in rugby - teamwork, respect, and sportsmanship.  Through the passion of our staff and the rugby community, NCR will continue to grow the game and create an unforgettable student-athlete experience.

We will continue to provide the same exceptional services to our small college teams as we welcome both new small and larger schools to the NCR family.  The organization will expand to include additional services including registration, insurance, a competition management system and much more.

NCR has a new website, too: ncr.rugby.