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Norwich Vaults to #1 in GRR Rankings

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Norwich Vaults to #1 in GRR Rankings

Photo Norwich Athletics.

Norwich is the #1-ranked men’s D2 college in GRR’s rankings for a reason.

The Cadets have started strong, perhaps stronger than usual. They beat Army’s C team, which is a tough game regardless of what letter you put after the West Point name, and have won their three conference games by an average score of 71-5. Norwich is usually a strong choice to win the NEWCRC, but these are good teams that the Vermont military college is beating by ten tries or more.

“We’ve got a good bunch,” said Head Coach Bob Weggler. “We have a number of returners from last year, and you know in college rugby you go through cycles—we’re in a good part of that cycle.”

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Weggler expected to get good playmaking and leadership from flyhalf Leo Clayburgh, and that has certainly been the game.

“Leadership on the pitch makes a big difference,” said Weggler. “Leo’s been a big part of our success.”

Returning most of the backline for this season, Weggler wasn’t all that surprised that they can score tries.

“What really surprised me was last year’s team,” he said. “We had some athletes but we were pretty inexperienced.”

Now they are both athletic and experienced.

However, they did have to handle some changes and a key one was at scrumhalf. Jared Robinson has come in and really taken charge of the position, providing a crucial link between forwards and backs.

One the wing, Rashawn Fraser has been a revelation. A wide receiver and back with the Norwich football team, who transitioned to quarterback, Fraser still has eligibility for rugby and had been playing 7s with the program in previous years. Dynamic and fast, he was among the try-scorers against Boston University this past weekend.

Has it been too easy for Norwich? Weggler acknowledges that that could be an issue. they have a forfeit win already on the books for this coming weekend, but Weggler knows there will be challenges ahead.

UMass Lowell awaits on October 22, and they will present a very tough defensive front. This Norwich team seems to be dominant at the moment, but will they be able to handle a little frustration?

Norwich 4 0 0 232 14 218 4 0 20
Providence 2 1 0 73 87 -14 2 0 10
Coast Guard 2 1 0 114 69 45 1 0 9
Sacred Heart 0 4 0 0 196 -196 0 0 0
Boston University 0 2 0 16 99 -83 0 0 0
New Hampshire 2 1 0 97 41 56 2 0 10
UMass-Lowell 1 0 1 94 13 81 1 0 7
Vermont 1 0 1 42 20 22 1 0 7
Bentley 0 3 0 22 151 -129 0 0 0