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North American Lions In Dubai - Schedule Announced

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North American Lions In Dubai - Schedule Announced

Patrick Madden is on the NA Lions team. Dan Bandoni photo.

The Dubai 7s ancillary tournament has released its schedule for the Boys U19 bracket, which features a few players involved in the North America HS 7s Series.

The tournament will run November 30 to December 2 in Dubai, UAE, and Pool D includes the North American Lions, a team of top USA and Canadian players put together out of performances in the NAHS 7s - mostly the NAI 7s.

The Lions squad can be seen here.

The NA Lions will play against Olymp, KZN Barbarians, and Centurion Warriors. The event features several very strong select teams from Africa and Asia. The Celtic Barbarians, a Canadian team also active in the NAHS events, is also in Dubai. There is also a team from Brussels which is pretty close to a Belgium national team.

RC Olymp is from Ukraine, KZN Barbarians are KwaZulu Rugby from South Africa, and Centurion is also from South Africa.


Here is the Pool Play Schedule (Dubai, remember, is 4 hours ahead of UTC/GMT).

Thursday - Nov 30

16:20 North West Barbarians vs WP Rugby Academy Pool A

16:20 Empire vs Leopard Barbarians Pool A

16:20 Mauritian Barbarians U19s vs Westville Gryphons Pool B

16:20 Celtic Barbarians RFC vs Peregrines Pool B

16:20 Africa Knights vs Victorian Barbarians Pool C

16:20 Central SA Invitational vs Noordvaal 7s Pool C

16:20 Olymp vs Centurion Warriors Pool D

16:40 All Stars vs Cape Barbarians Pool E

16:40 Brussels Seven Development Under 19s vs Northern Gladiators Pool E

16:40 North American Lions vs KZN Barbarians Pool D

18:20 North West Barbarians vs Leopard Barbarians Pool A

18:20 Empire vs WP Rugby Academy Pool A

18:20 Olymp vs KZN Barbarians Pool D

18:40 All Stars vs Northern Gladiators Pool E

18:40 Brussels Seven Development Under 19s vs Cape Barbarians Pool E

18:40 Mauritian Barbarians U19s vs Peregrines Pool B

18:40 Celtic Barbarians RFC vs Westville Gryphons Pool B

18:40  Africa Knights vs Noordvaal 7s Pool C

18:40 Central SA Invitational vs Victorian Barbarians Pool C

18:40 North American Lions vs Centurion Warriors Pool D


Friday Dec 01

17:20 Olymp vs North American Lions Pool D

17:40 Leopard Barbarians vs WP Rugby Academy Pool A

17:40 Mauritian Barbarians U19s vs Celtic Barbarians RFC Pool B

17:40 Peregrines vs Westville Gryphons Pool B

17:40 Africa Knights vs Central SA Invitational Pool C

17:40 KZN Barbarians vs Centurion Warriors Pool D

17:46 North West Barbarians vs Empire Pool A

18:00 Noordvaal 7s vs Victorian Barbarians Pool C

18:00 Northern Gladiators vs Cape Barbarians Pool E

18:00 All Stars vs Brussels Seven Development Under 19s Pool E


1st knockout rounds follow on Dec 1