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NCR Postpones Fall 15s Championships For 2020

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NCR Postpones Fall 15s Championships For 2020

National Collegiate Rugby runs small college, DII, and several DI conferences.

National Collegiate Rugby is postponing the NCR 15s Championships for 2020.

The organization said that it hopes for alternatives if conditions related to the COVID-19 pandemic improve later in the year. NCR will make adjustments based on any progress.

NCR is a newly-branded and newly-expanded operation, and its operational model depends heavily on membership dues. With much of the country, if not all, not playing college rugby this fall, it's unlikely players will pay dues when inactive. This is a financial challenge for NCR, and they need to find a way around it.

One way is to ensure they can facilitate any kind of rugby activity once it's allowed in a region. Canceling the playoffs merely frees up teams and conferences to cobble together competition if they can without being limited in scope.

As NCR said in today's announcement:

"It is completely within the discretion of individual NCR conferences and institutions to decide how to pursue fall competition and training depending on their geographic footprint and collective best interest."

NCR also said it will work with members conferences and institutions "to facilitate competition and training, including, but not limited to, insurance coverage tailored to support college rugby under the current environment whether that involves distance training, full/modified practices, or competitions.  All registered team, players, and coaches will be covered."