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NCR Finals Weekend All-Tournament and MVP Selections

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NCR Finals Weekend All-Tournament and MVP Selections

Casares for Thomas More. Ollie Mide photo.

Three all-tournament teams were named for the NCR Small-College and D2 championships.

While the lists put players in positions, some positions have been changed—if a player was especially influential but so was another at the same position, and one could legitimately move one of them to another position (flyhalf to fullback, for example, or No. 8 to lock) then that was done to accommodate the best players.

Here are the lists:

Men D2 All-Tournament Team:

Finals MVP: Bautista Saint Bonnet of Thomas More for his work rate in both defense and in support, plus a key try.

1 Hudson Montgomery, Thomas More
2 Elijah Doyle, Thomas More
3 Arthur Martinez, Norwich
4 Tomas Casares, Thomas More  
5 Nicolas Andiarena, Adrian
6 Kaleb Boleyn, Northern Iowa
7 Bautista Saint Bonnet, Thomas More
8 Jack Tellifson, Norwich
9 Dylan Weir, Thomas More
10 Leo Clayburgh, Norwich
11 MacGregor Adams, Adrian
12 Jentry Staack, Northern Iowa
13 Nick Marker, Northern Iowa
14 Sione Mamata, Adrian
15 Sam Williams, Adrian

(Casares is normally a No. 8 but has the height and ability to be a lock. This allows four front-rowers to be picked, as Doyle was very strong at hooker, meaning Boleyn, who is a versatile forward capable of playing hooker or back row, moving to 6. Mamata, Staack, and Clayburgh are all really strong flyhalves, but Mamata's pace allows a move to wing to, and Staack played center as well.) 

Men's Cohen Cup All-Tournament Team:

Finals MVP: Owen Kennedy for leading from the front and scoring three tries, including the game-winner, in the final.

1. Joe Kokes, Christendom
2. Nathaniel Serda, NMT
3. Jack Swords, Holy Cross
4. Grant Carlson, St. John’s
5. John Kennedy, Christendom
6. John Ascough, Christendom
7. Dominic Odden, St. John’s 
8. Owen Kennedy, Christendom
9. Elijah Narajo, NMT
10. Wyatt Kokesh, St. John’s
11. Nate Klesa, Holy Cross
12. Chris Usher, Christendom
13. Nicholas Hutt, NMT
14. Matt Westin, Christendom
15. Milaan Van Wyk, NMT

(There were several really good centers, so Westin ends up on the wing. Van Wyk and Kokesh were both excellent flyhalves, but Van Wyk's clear versatility allows us to put him in at fullback.)

Men's Small-College Challenge Cup All-Tournament Team

MVP Siena No. 8 Andrew McCallum for his leadership and offensive power.

1. Tiyo Tonisi, Siena
2. Christopher Connors, Coll. of Charleston
3. Giovani Quezada, Western Oregon 
4. Silas Bradley, Coll. of Charleston
5. Tylor Glover, Siena
6. Damir Gumerov, Wayne State
7. Sennen Grove, Siena
8. Andrew McCallum, Siena
9. Frederich de Koker, Siena
10. Isaac Frost, Siena
11. Vuyo Mdlalose, Wayne State
12. Aidan Kuhn, Western Oregon
13. Rory Wood, Siena
14. Killian Burns, Wayne State
15. Eddie Pearce, Siena

(In this list Mdlalose moves from flyhalf to wing as he and Frost were both really strong at #10, but Mdlalose's speed allows a move and list both.)