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NCR D1 Fall 2023 Rankings Week 7

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NCR D1 Fall 2023 Rankings Week 7

Brown reaches #1. But for how long?

We didn't think we'd unseat St. Bonaventure for losing to Navy 15-3, but in the end we did.

We did that not because St. Bonaventure lost to a Navy team that has been dominant through the fall; we did it because Brown beat #8-ranked Iona. If we're going to look at a team beating a #8 team and saying "eh, what have you done for me lately?" seems a bit wrong. 

(Remember this when we decide to keep a #2 team at #2 when this happens again.)

Dartmouth slips down after a loss to Fairfield while Southern Nazarene edges up. Despite an independent schedule, we think SNU will get into the NCR playoffs (if they want it). There are two at-large positions in the NCR D1 playoffs and SNU should surely get one (and we think Notre Dame College gets the other).

By the way, when we listed our combined NCR D1 and D1A sugested ranking last week we forgot about Brown! Sorry about that. 

Rk. Prev. College Team Conference Notes
1 2 Brown Liberty Beat Iona (8)
2 1 St. Bonaventure Rugby East Lost to Navy
3 3 Queens Rugby East Lost to Army
4 4 Notre Dame College Rugby East Beat Kutztown (5)
5 6 Indiana Big 10 Beat Illinois
6 5 Kutztown Rugby East Lost to NDC (4)
7 7 Siena Liberty  
8 8 Iona Liberty Lost to Brown (2)
9 10 Belmont Abbey Southern Beat UNC Wilmington
10 11 Principia Big Rivers  
11 12 Marian Big Rivers Beat Rio Grande
12 15 Southern Nazarene Gateway Beat Texas Christian
13 13 Fairfield Liberty Beat Dartmouth (9)
14 9 Dartmouth Liberty Lost to Fairfield (13)
15 14 AIC Liberty Beat Harvard
16 16 Wheeling Big Rivers Beat Aquinas
17 19 Thomas More Big Rivers Beat Iowa Central (18)
18 17 Fordham Liberty Beat Syracuse
19 18 Iowa Central Big Rivers Lost to Thomas More (19)
20 20 Michigan Big 10