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NCR D1 Fall 2023 Rankings Week 3

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NCR D1 Fall 2023 Rankings Week 3

It ended up close but Marian beat the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

This was a really good weekend for the rankings because we had seven games in which NCR D1 ranked teams played other NCR D1 ranked teams.

In addition, three NCR D1 teams played CRAA D1A opposition. 

Out of all of that, we got much. Kutztown nudges up mostly because Indiana lost big to Navy. IU doesn't get hit too hard (yet) because Navy is the #1- ranked D1A team so you'd expect them to win.

Fordham has an earlier close loss to Fairfield, and then did the same with AIC. So we moved them into the Top 20. Wheeling returns after a close loss to Mary Washington. 

Marian nudges up after a win over Notre Dame that was probably a little bigger than the score indicates.

Rk. Prev. College Team Conference Notes
1 1 Brown Liberty Beat Harvard (19)
2 2 St. Bonaventure Rugby East Beat Kutztown (6)
3 3 Queens Rugby East Beat Belmont Abbey (8)
4 4 Notre Dame College Rugby East Beat Adrian
5 6 Kutztown Rugby East Lost to St. Bonaventure (2)
6 5 Indiana Big 10 Lost to Navy
7 7 Dartmouth Liberty Beat Northeastern (20)
8 8 Belmont Abbey Southern Lost to Queens (3)
9 10 Fairfield Liberty Beat Nazareth (16)
10 9 Thomas More Big Rivers  
11 13 Marian Big Rivers Beat U. Notre Dame (18)
12 11 Iowa Central Big Rivers Lost to Arkansas State
13 12 AIC Liberty Beat Fordham 13-11
14 15 Siena Liberty Beat Syracuse (17)
15 18 Univ. Notre Dame Big 10 Lost to Marian (13)
16 Unr Fordham Liberty Close loss to AIC (12)
17 14 Iona Liberty  
18 Unr Wheeling Big Rivers Close loss to Mary Washington
19 16 Nazareth Liberty Lost to Fairfield (10)
20 17 Syracuse Liberty Lost to Siena (15)