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NCR D1 Fall 2023 Rankings Week 10

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NCR D1 Fall 2023 Rankings Week 10

Notre Dame College snipes around the side to take our #1 ranking. Alex Goff photo.

This is a little tough because Brown hasn't really done anything wrong. 

But we've moved Notre Dame College past Brown to #1. Why? Well, let's take a look. Brown has beaten, most recently, Siena, a team we know is good but how good is difficult to judge. Yes, we know, that's what we're supposed to do but, in isolation, it's tough to know. With the Rugby East teams it's a little easier because there's Navy and Life and those non-NCR teams in the conference. 

Brown beat Harvard, Syracuse, Nazareth, Fairfield, Iona, Dartmouth, AIC, and Siena.

Notre Dame College has beaten Thomas More, Adrian, Penn State, Kutztown, Southern Virginia, and, now, St. Bonaventure. They also tied Army and lost to Navy. Of course, everyone loses to Navy, but it is worth noting they were leading Navy going into halftime (but eventually lost by 31). 

That is an objectively stronger schedule for NDC. And if a team that has a stronger list of opponents goes 6-1-1, and beats the #2-ranked team, a team we had at #1 at one point, it seems like if they are ever going to be ranked #1 it would be now.

Can Brown unseat NDC? Of course. The NCR D1 playoffs remain up in the air. Indiana could easily win it all. Wheeling? No, actually, we think the Big Rivers teams just don't have the size and power up front. We're pretty sure it's going to come down to the top four we have listed below. How those four organize themselves isn't set in stone.

Rk. Prev. College Team Conference Notes
1 3 Notre Dame College Rugby East Beat St. Bonaventure (2)
2 1 Brown Liberty Beat Siena (7)
3 2 St. Bonaventure Rugby East Lost to Notre Dame College (3)
4 5 Indiana Big 10 Beat Ohio State
5 6 Queens Rugby East Beat Mary Washington
6 7 Siena Liberty Lost to Brown (1)
7 4 Kutztown Rugby East Lost to Southern Virginia
8 9 Wheeling Big Rivers Beat Principia (12)
9 8 Iona Liberty Beat AIC (17)
10 11 Southern Nazarene Gateway Beat Kansas
11 10 Belmont Abbey Southern  
12 12 Principia Big Rivers Lost to Wheeling (9)
13 15 Thomas More Big Rivers Beat Marian (13)
14 13 Marian Big Rivers Lost to Thomas More (15)
15 14 Fairfield Liberty Beat Syracuse
16 16 Dartmouth Liberty  
17 17 AIC Liberty Lost to Iona (8)
18 18 Fordham Liberty Beat Binghamton
19 19 Iowa Central Big Rivers  
20 20 Michigan Big 10 Beat Purdue