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Moving College 15s To Spring Only One Decision of Many

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Moving College 15s To Spring Only One Decision of Many

University of Tennessee Rugby photo.

The phrase "moved to spring" can mean many things, and in fact defining that phrase will be next on the plate of many college conferences.

Most, if not all, of collegiate rugby that plays 15s in the fall will not play this autumn, and instead will move their 15s season to the spring of 2021. But it's not that simple. There are 7s seasons to be considered, too, and already the question comes up—do you worry about conference 15s play, 15s playoffs, or 7s?

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That will be a decision for many teams and conferences going forward. Most will find a way to do both, but do you play 7s seriously and 15s just to get games in, or vice versa? It will be very difficult in the cold-weather states to do both. At the same time, if you concentrate on 7s, you have a whole chunk of your team kind of left out in the cold (pun intended).

What we might well see are hybrid seasons, with 15s games, and even tournaments, cropping up as early as possible, and then a championship 7s season working its way through May.

Whatever conferences decide, the decisions aren't over.