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Men's Cross-Divisional College Rankings 2021 Week 5

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Men's Cross-Divisional College Rankings 2021 Week 5

Photo Jacob Thompson CWU Athletics.

Several games gave us more of a look at where the teams fall in the Men's College rankings.

Certainly Central Washington's relatively emphatic defeat of Arizona gave CWU a well-deserved bump to #3. BYU< having tied Central, moves up right with them. 

Further down, Queen may have lost to Life, but led at halftime and looked pretty competitive, so they come back in. We have taken a close look at Mount St. Mary's and decided we were a little too conservative last week. And of course Arkansas State moves ahead of Davenport after beating the Panthers.

Notre Dame College moves out not because of anything they did; it's more that we've now got, for the first time, 15 teams that have played 15s rugby games this fall. So teams that haven't played move out. As it is, NDC is due to play very soon and could easily come back in. We may even be expanding the rankings, what with Tennessee, Utah State, and Marian and others getting games as well.


Goff Rugby Report Men's Cross-Divisional College Rankings Spring 2021 Week 5
Rank Prev Team Notes
1 1 Lindenwood Beat Iowa Central CC (11)
2 2 Life Beat Queens
3 4 Central Washington Beat Arizona (3)
3 4 BYU Beat Utah State
5 3 Arizona Lost to CWU (4)
6 6 Army Idle
7 9 Arkansas State Beat Davenport (7)
8 8 Navy Idle
9 7 Davenport Lost to Arkansas State (9)
10 14 Mount St. Mary's Idle
11 Unr Queens U. Charlotte Lost to Life (2)
12 11 Iowa Central CC Lost to Lindenwood (1)
13 12 Iowa State Beat McKendree (7s) and Wayne State (15s)
14 14 Southern Virginia Idle
15 13 Grand Canyon Idle